Xbox One Wireless Controller turns off on Windows 10 PC

Fixes to try
  • Move your controller closer to the console.
  • Replace the batteries or recharge the battery pack.
  • Power cycle your console.
  • Reconnect your controller.
  • Update your controller firmware.
  • Update your Xbox One Controller Drivers (If your controller is connected to PC)
  • Try another controller.

Xbox one controller cutting out when connected to Windows 10 PC SOLVED!

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I tried the other solutions but none of them solved the problem for me. However I think I found the culprit.

Do you use Steam? Because if I have Steam turned on I cannot turn the controller back on after it was turned off once. If I exit Steam and try to sync again, the controllers stay on. Ive tried this more than once and it works.

After that I just start Steam again and I can use the controller without any problems.

UPDATE: I think I found the real issue here, it is Nvidia Wireless controller service. As I have disabled it I dont have problems with the controller anymore.

I had the same issue. Heres how I resolved it:

  • Uninstall your reciever driver
    • Device Manager, under Network Adapters. Right click it and Uninstall.
  • Search google for “” for X64 OS; “” for X32 OS.
    • Google should find the driver on Softpedia.
  • Unpack the file.
  • Plug in your Wireless Adapter
  • From Device Manager right click it and select Update driver software.
  • Select to manually install from computer, then select the path.
  • Now resync your adapter with your controller and it should work.
  • For the same drivers but downloads from MSs servers, go here:

    rolling back the windows update solved the issue for me

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