Woman reveals how to find out if your man has an OnlyFans – and it has already destroyed some relationships

Many women go through a point in their lives when they feel like they are being cheated. And thats when the Sherlock Holmes inside each one of us is born. If you have a handsome boyfriend who is not paying attention to you anymore and in just no time, he starts earning loads of money from an unknown source, you have every right to think that something is fishy.

OnlyFans have strict privacy and you cannot just poke on the website and find out whether your boyfriend is using it or not. Unfortunately, OnlyFans does not have a search option. So you will have to use your special detective skills to catch the cheater. Well, if you did find out the truth, your boyfriend may not agree to call it “cheating”. So you may need to keep a debate ready.

Is Your Man’s Infatuation with OnlyFans a Threat? [EXCLUSIVE]

How to find your boyfriend’s profile on OnlyFans:

The best way could be the search engine if OnlyFans would have created the feature and saved you the trouble. But with the lack of this option, you will have to look for other alternatives. Heres a list of what you can do to find your guy on OnlyFans.

1. Try using his email account for Onlyfans:

Every girlfriend surely knows his boyfriends email account, if you don’t then maybe you can ask casually saying you want to share your memories with him on the cloud. So if you are certain that he has only one email address, and thats the one he is most likely to be used for all of his social accounts, go for this technique.

Try to create an account on Onlyfans using his email. If there is already an account of him with this email, the OnlyFans sign-up page will tell you that this email already belongs to another user. If not, it will direct you to the next page. Suspicion removed or confirmed. Both ways, it is an easy and the most reliable solution.

2. Try Google:

Google is an expert spy.

Anything you want to search for, Google can be your backup. In this case, type “OnlyFans.com/username”. Google will direct you to the OnlyFan profile of that person. But for this, the requirement is that you should know your boyfriend’s profile username.

If you don’t have the username, try typing all the possible names he might use. This is like finding a needle in the hay, but you would not get anything without trying.

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