Woman over 50 dating profile examples and best tips 2022

Senior Dating Tips: How to Write a Dating Profile that Gets Results

How to Write an Unbelievably Good Dating Profile as a Senior Single

I retired from the Army, but now I volunteer at the local homeless shelter. It’s great hearing their stories and cooking delicious meals for them. When I’m not volunteering or cooking, you can find me on my porch reading a book (or two). If you’re looking for a reliable companion, come and say hi!

I have traveled the world, walked on glaciers in Antarctica, and seen some of the most beautiful places on Earth. Since I retired, I split my time between hiking with my dog, playing board games with friends, and traveling. Let’s just say I don’t spend my time in front of the TV, so message me if you want to join me on my next adventure!

Specific tips on how to write a good dating profile bio

You can start using some woman over 50 dating profile examples above to get started on your bio. Here are some different styles you can use for your profile bio. You can try to work each of these elements into your profile, or emphasize just one. It’s up to you:

  • Funny: Adding some humor to your profile is an excellent way to show people that you aren’t overly serious or a buzzkill. It also tells them that you are approachable, friendly, and human.
  • Short: This just means that some people prefer to get straight to the point and trim all the fat. An argument for keeping it brief is that more people will read the whole thing.
  • Generic: A generic profile just means that you try to keep certain parts of your bio fairly broad. While it is good to include unique details about yourself, you also want to balance it out. Make sure you leave some fun facts and anecdotes for the first date!
  • Clever: It never hurts your profile to be clever. One of the better dating tips we can give you is that you want to let your potential partner know that you are more than just a pretty face.
  • Catchy: Make sure to leave a lasting impression! Even if you want to go with the most generic bio, end on a high point that will catch their attention.
  • senior dating profile examples

    How to get a good photo for a woman over 50 dating profile?

    As we mentioned, your profile pic is one of the most important parts of your profile, no matter how funny or catchy you make your bio. If you want to get a potential date to notice you, you’re going to have to prioritize making your photo the best it can be.

    First, focus on headshots. You can include as much of your body as you want but make sure it the focus and perspective highlight you from the shoulders up.

    If you feel comfortable about your own photography skills, feel free to take the picture yourself. Of course, in real life not everyone is a professional photographer. A bad profile picture is a missed opportunity on any profile, so make sure it looks good.

    If selfies or portraits are not your forte, you can either ask a friend or family member, or consider using a professional portrait photographer. They know what they’re doing already, which takes out a lot of the stress.

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