Why You Need a Firewall App for Your iPhone

About the application firewall
  • Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.
  • Click Security or Security & Privacy.
  • Click the Firewall tab.
  • Unlock the pane by clicking the lock in the lower-left corner and enter the administrator username and password.
  • Click “Turn On Firewall” or “Start” to enable the firewall.

The Complete iOS Privacy & Security Guide: Your Best Protection!

Guardian Firewall

“This is how you do privacy. If you care at all about who or what is tracking your every move in today’s world this is the one app that should be on your phone. The group is very responsive to issues and keeping this app updated. I’ve made sure everyone in my family has this installed on their iPhones.”

Lockdown brings open source firewall to iOS

The Guardian Firewall app, on the other hand, routes all your internet data through its own servers, and strips out any dodgy traffic. It also blocks connections it deems malicious or that compromise your privacy. This approach is less secure, or at least harder to be sure about, because you have to trust the folks behind Guardian Firewall with all your data. But is it also much more effective, as you don’t have to manually block anything. And the developers behind the service seem trustworthy in my limited checking.

The takeaway, though, is that there are now two legit firewall apps for iOS. You will find both of them in the App Store (Guardian Firewall will be available July 31). And both use an approved method (VPN) to do their job. I’d rather iOS came with a built-in firewall, but this is a huge step in the right direction.

Lockdown’s on-device approach is more transparent to you, the user. You can check out the app’s source code on Github. And if you have a developer account, you can build it yourself and install on your devices. (I wonder if there’s a way to check that the version available in the App Store is built from the same source. If you know about this, let me know on Twitter or in the comments on this post.)

Lockdown and Guardian Firewall aim to change that. Lockdown, from developer Confirmed, comes with a few rules preconfigured, but it’s up to you to add new addresses to the list. Anything you add will be blocked, both on the web and inside apps. Safari’s content blockers can block the Facebook website, and Facebook cookies, but Lockdown will stop any app — even Facebook’s own apps — from connecting to facebook.com.

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