Why We’re Removing Visitors

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Why We’re Removing Visitors

When you’re interested in someone, you should message them. Men who send a first message between 40 and 90 characters have the highest chances of a reply, and women who make the first move are 17% more likely to end up on a date than those who don’t. But what if you’re not quite sure if you’re interested or not, and instead want to save that profile to consider later? You can like that person. No matter your subscription, you can see all of the people you like under “Who You Like.” Those with A-List will be able to see you’ve liked them, those without won’t. Either way, Who You Like maintains a record of all the people you may want to connect with later.

Likes and messages are much clearer indicators of someone’s interest. And in dating, clearer is better. Someone messages you, for example. That means that someone wants to get to know you better. Or someone likes you. We take that as a clear sign that they’re interested in you. If you’ve also liked that person, you’ll both be able to see that you’ve mutually liked each other — even if neither of you have A-List — and you’ll get that signal of interest directly. If you haven’t liked them yet and don’t have A-List (meaning you only see mutual likes), we take note of the fact that they liked you and show them to you more quickly and more often. So likes have a positive effect on everyone on OkCupid — because when you like someone, we’ll show you off to them in DoubleTake and Browse Matches, too.

The function of Incognito Mode, however, has stayed exactly the same. Just like everyone else, members in Incognito Mode can no longer see visitors — but when in incognito, your profile will not be revealed to anyone unless you like them or message them. So if you have Incognito Mode, you can still enjoy OkCupid without worrying that your boss may find your profile — unless you like or message your boss, but then that’s kinda on you.

Initially a feature only for A-List, invisible browsing is now available to everyone. With visitors removed, no one will know you took a look at their profile unless you message them or like them (the latter being only if they like you back, or they have A-List). A-List has some great perks — for example, it’s nice to see exactly who likes you before you’ve liked them — but we feel that invisible browsing is a valuable tool that everyone should have access to. Now, all OkCupid members can connect with more people because no one has to feel shy about visiting your profile and getting the “visitor” label.

What does it mean when you get a visitor? It’s pretty simple: someone came to your profile to take a closer look. But unless that visitor followed up with a like or a message, what it indicates on a deeper level is harder to determine. In some ways, a visitor without a follow-up is a false signal. Some connections have sparked as the result of the visitors list, but likes and messages lead to more connections because the intention is clear. After all, it’s the people who see your profile and like it who deserve your attention — they at least have good taste.

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