Why does a Scorpio man suddenly disappear? Suddenly with no reason and we’re friends and we had a good chat together with no problem.

A Real Scorpio Man: Why Scorpio Men Disappear in Relationships Out Of Nowhere????#Scorpioseason

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If a Scorpio man is hurt or heartbroken, he is not going to communicate with you. He is going to build up his walls like a soldier protecting the nation. He does this to protect himself, and he would rather deal with alone, separately from you, than make himself more vulnerable. All you need to do is, give him space at such a time. Your partner will heal himself and return.

On the flip side, if he was at the brink of his anger and extremely hurt by your actions, he might not return. His disappearing is his way of telling you the relationship is over. We pray this doesn’t happen to you. But unfortunately, it does because Scorpio men are intense and unpredictable. They won’t let you know what hurts them and disappear into thin air.

When they get incredibly close to you, they pull back and test you. Scorpios will bundle into their cocoons and disappear for days together and see if you miss them and love them. They test your commitment levels by pulling a disappearing act. You are expected to plan an enigmatic day filled with passion and intimacy the day they return if they return.

When your Scorpion partner stops all communication with you, don’t assume the worst. You probably haven’t done anything. He/she might be sick or needs to dive into their cocoon for some solitude. Scorpios tend to be pretty moody and unresponsive at times. It is not personal at all. So, relax and bide the time.

He conducts several tests before committing to you fully. These may take months and years even. Sometimes even when he is committed to you, he will keep testing you. He will disappear to test whether you will reach out and care about him in his absence. So, keep reassuring him and try reaching out even when he disappears without any contact.

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