Why do my incoming calls say ‘UNKNOWN NAME’ instea…

It sounds like you are seeing “Unknown Caller” instead of a phone number for calls that are unrecognized by your iPhone. If this is affecting a few people who are in your Contacts, verify that they haven’t disabled Caller ID on their device.

iOS 13 Hidden Settings: How to Hide Your Phone Number When Making Calls

Why do my incoming calls say ‘UNKNOWN NAME’ instea…

Its a well known issue, that you must get in touch with Verizon support to have them “un-break” your caller ID, to resolve this issue and actually see phone numbers on incoming calls again. Im just shocked that support continues to act like they are not aware of this issue, after seeing literally hundreds of topics and posts about it now. It is a very wide spread, common problem for many users. Are we really still pretending that this is not a known issue with ALL add-on call filtering and caller ID services?

This is the most ridiculous thing Ive seen in a very long time. Why in the world would any carrier think its acceptable to completely hide all phone numbers- on a phone?!? Now I cant even tell if a call is from my area code or not. Makes it impossible to run a business. Beyond absurd. Someone should be fired for this one.

Verizon introduced call filter in place of caller ID. Im not sure they notified their customers. The second agent I spoke with restored caller ID. Some of the Verizon agents are unfamiliar with this, and the first agent I spoke with told me the reason was the age of my smartphone. That was untrue.

How do I turn off Verizons caller ID? I updated my Verizon a few weeks ago and now all my calls say UNKNOWN NAME. It used to show the number. I dont want to fix Verizon Caller ID, I dont want to use it. There are better third party caller ID apps I could use. I just want to return to how it was before the update when it showed the number. Now Im picking up phone calls from people in a different area code and missing calls because Im expecting it to be from a different area code. Its annoying, help me turn it off.

Then I tried to completely remove filtering from my line- same problem. From everything I have read here, there is a persistent change to the account once call filter or caller ID app is enabled. Once this happens, you can no longer see phone numbers for incoming calls, only “unknown caller” or “wireless caller”.

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