Why do I need to buy a subscription to see photos on eharmony?

Without an eHarmony account you do not have access to the photos of people who are participating in the dating service. The ability to view pictures is a privilege reserved only for those who are paying members.

How Does eharmony Work? A Beginner’s Guide

The eHarmony Free Trial Hack

eHarmony doesn’t offer a free trial, but there’s a way to test-drive it for 3 days without spending a dime – provided you live in one of the states specified as eligible for a refund (section 12c) if you cancel within 3 days.

Here’s the only way to try eHarmony for free:

  • Set up your account for free.
  • Complete your eHarmony profile, including the personality test.
  • Sign up for a plan.
  • Give the site a test drive, and if you don’t like it, close your account within 3 days for a full refund.
  • Asking for the refund within 3 days is a must. If you exceed that time frame you’re no longer eligible for a full refund.

    eHarmony does also occasionally offer free trials in the form of free communication events, which usually range in length from 3 to 6 days, but you have to wait until they’re offered – and whos got time for that?

    That’s why we cracked the code for getting a risk-free 3-day trial on eHarmony. If you do follow the simple steps above, you’ll even get to see what your matches look like and exchanges messages for free!

    Matching, messaging, and scheduling a date with a woman in 3 days is an incredibly tight timeline. To pull it off, your profile absolutely has to shine. When she’s only getting a handful of matches a day, she’s going to take a fairly close look at it.

    And assuming you keep your membership, you’ll still want your profile to attract the most high quality local women, right? So either way, you’ll want to put some time and effort into it.

    Exclusive Bonus: Download our 5 favorite conversation starters to get immediate response from attractive women.

    Here are 2 eHarmony profile tips that will make her want to meet you:

    Tip #1: Dot All Your I’s…

    see pictures on eharmony without paying

    eHarmony profiles are a collection of graphic boxes, each showcasing a tidbit of information like “I’m most passionate about…” and “I typically spend my leisure time…”

    There’s a 650 character limit for each one, but no minimum – meaning all the sections are optional.

    But eHarmony attracts marriage-minded women, and she wants to know what your daily life is like. Use all the profile sections to paint the picture of a guy she wants to spend time with.

    Research shows women tend to search for partners who are similar to themselves. Adding specific details such as what sports you play, what hobbies you enjoy, and what type of movies you like creates opportunities for her to bond with you over shared interests.

    A boring, blank profile tends to have the opposite effect – she’s left wondering if the two of you have anything in common, and she’s likely to move on.

    For more tips on writing an attractive eHarmony profile, go here.

    Tip #2: Be Strategic With Your Photos

    You already know you need to look good in your photos. But make sure what your photos communicate between the lines is equally attractive.

    If she’s looking for someone to spend the rest of her life with (or at least a substantial amount of time), she’s instinctively attracted to men who are good providers and have their life together. You’re putting yourself at a disadvantage if you don’t know how to portray that in your dating photos.

    see pictures on eharmony without paying

    Basically, you want your photos to project attractive traits like financial stability, physical fitness, courage, sense of adventure, etc. If it would come in handy during a rousing game of “survival of the fittest”, you want to showcase it in your photos.

    To that end, choose a range of 3-7 photos that highlight “relationship material” traits. Whether you’re conquering a wave on a wakeboard, sitting at an upscale cafe, or exploring the scenery of somewhere exotic, show her youre a guy who’s got his sh*t together.

    When you highlight all the good qualities you bring to the table, it doesn’t matter that you’re not going to be mistaken for Brad Pitt anytime soon. Your photos are still hot.

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