Why can’t I see my sent messages anymore? : OkCupid

Can you see sent messages on OkCupid?
  1. Yes, you can see sent messages on OkCupid.
  2. To view them, log in to your account and click on the “Messages” tab.
  3. The messages you’ve sent will be listed in reverse chronological order.
  4. With the most recent message at the top.

How To Message Someone In OkCupid

Can you tell when someone was last active on OkCupid?

Never miss a Moment The ‘last online’ button was removed because it caused privacy concerns. You can still see if someone is Online Now!

Blocked people also cannot message you. If you’ve liked someone but are having second thoughts, you can Unmatch. This will do the same thing. We do not tell someone that you have blocked or unmatched with them- you simply disappear everywhere for them, including any conversations you may have had with them.

What does it mean when a message disappears on OkCupid?

OkCupid messages may disappear because they user has unmatched you, they blocked you, or they simply deleted their profile. All of these options result in OkCupid message disappearing.

How do you know if someone has deleted their OkCupid account?

If someone deleted their OkCupid account, do they disappear from my bookmarks? Yes, they will disappear from your bookmarks. You can still see the conversation you had with them but you can’t access to their profiles from there.

Simple it means that person is active talking to anyone in the site where you are in . It means they are available to talk to you if they don’t want to also. They can also make their name not colored green by paying extra money to the site so you can’t see them. 19.2K views. View 4 Upvoters.

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