Why Are Virgos So Difficult? (13 Wild Reasons)

Virgos may seem difficult because they are so independent.

Some Virgos, like Cameron Diaz, they feel better going about their life without the help of others. Sometimes known for being overly independent, Virgos trust that they can rely on themselves but find it hard to accept the support of others.

Virgo WEAKNESS in Dating, Love and Relationships

Why Are Virgos So Difficult? (13 Wild Reasons)

Virgos can be hard to live with because of their obsession with order and cleanliness. They cannot live in a place that is not perfectly clean and tidy, making it hard for those people around them. Virgos are often considered to be obsessed with cleanliness and they feel the need to be in complete control of everything that is happening around them.

Virgos are often inconsistent in their lives and in their relationships. This makes it extremely hard for those around them to keep up. They have high expectations in life but often fail to achieve these goals because of their lack of consistency. This creates frustration and makes it hard for a Virgo’s partner to deal with the outbursts of frustration that ensue.

When you love someone, your soul develops a connection to them too. This is the reason why unrequited love is so painful. When you fell in love with this Virgo you may not have expected to feel this type of pain and hurt. You love them but you don’t know whether they love you too and you don’t know what to do.

Virgos fear more than anything being taken for granted by those around them. If a Virgo does something, they expect it to be noticed and praised. If a Virgo does something nice for someone and does not receive any gratitude in return, it is likely that they will not work hard to please this person in the future because of their fear of being taken for granted.

A Virgo personality is often considered to be one of the most critical zodiac signs. Perfectionist Virgos are often extremely overly critical of themselves. They have high goals in life and are never happy unless these lofty aims are achieved. This can make it hard for those around them as a Virgo’s loved ones can feel as if they are not good enough for their expectations.

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