Why are Taurus so Shy?

Taurus also hates any big changes and bumps in his normal routines. So, when he’s expecting to be in a certain situation or place, he’s totally fine and outgoing. But when his plans change and he has to adapt to this uncharted territory, he gets shy and uncomfortable.

Why Are Taurus So Shy – Why Taurus is Shy and Hides Their Emotions

Why are Taurus so Shy?

The men and women born under the Taurus Zodiac sign care a lot about their family. They are resource oriented and would do anything to keep their close ones safe. They would put up a shy face just to avoid facing flak for their dark temperament and aggressive outlook and little things could screw up their moods and cause a sudden outburst. They hate being misunderstood and hence, prefer keeping it low-key unless they are sure of those they keep company with. They are one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac. Once they have dedicated themselves to someone, they would keep their promises and take secrets to the grave.

Taurus males and females are reserved about their private lives, They dont like to make a loud show of their lifestyle or their ideas and belief systems. However, they have a competitive bent of mind and would not leave any stone unturned to achieve their goals and aspirations. With a single-minded thought process they would go after their dreams. Hence, the outer appearance is tough while their inner core is soft and delicate. They are organized and expect conformity to their rules which makes them so difficult to love.

Taurus men and women are practical and demanding not just from the people around them but also themselves as well. As earth signs, they are rigid and ambitious, rarely able to accept defeat or keep their tempers grounded when provoked. It could be a struggle to get along with the Taurus native as they do not believe in being hopelessly romantic. They can deal with the downturns in life with a lot of grit and persistence and unless they have tasted success, theyll continue their strides with due diligence.

Taurus individuals are challenging to read and rebellious if they have been hurt too many times in life. However, they are amazing friends and faithful lovers once you have won them over and made them fall hard for you. What makes Taurus such introverts? Why dont Taurus express themselves openly? What are Taurus afraid of? What dark traits of the Taurus native makes them so difficult to deal with?

Taurus are basically scared to give up control over their lives. They are traditional and like to keep their feelings to themselves unless they are sure of the people they trust. However, if they have been harboring some feelings for you, it is likely they will try to maintain some distance in the initial days while they keep their gaze over you. They want to avoid falling in a trap and be taken for a fool. They are careful of how the world perceives them. Therefore, they could be rude and harsh as a defense mechanism to keep their heart safe. This often leads them to act all shy and inexpressive, often attracting a bad reputation for being cold and heartless.

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