Why Are My Tinder Photos Blurry? Tinder Photo Guide

If you upload photos of the wrong size, you’ll end up with a blurry or low-quality photo as Tinder will try to adjust the image to fit their card stack format. This is also the case for other platforms such as Instagram. Resizing your photo to a 640×640 grid should do the trick to stop Tinder from resizing your images.

Does Tinder Destroy Your Photo Quality?

How To Fix Blurry Pictures On Tinder

You need to keep an aspect ratio of 7:10 so that Tinder doesn’t lower the quality of your photo. This will make the ideal photo size 600 x 848px. This means that your photo will fill up the screen so it will keep the quality of the picture high. This means that the photo size will be 600 x 848px.

The best way to prevent a huge loss of quality in your Tinder photos is to maximize your phone’s camera quality. Doing this means that you’ll have better quality photos so when you upload them to Tinder and they do lose their quality, the difference wouldn’t be as bad if you didn’t make the quality better initially.

I know I’m guilty of this because I always send photos through WhatsApp so I didn’t realize that the media gets compressed until I dug into the file directory. Sharing on apps before you upload them on Tinder will cause initial compression so when you do go to Tinder and upload the already compressed photo, then it could come out pixelated due to Tinder’s further compression.

This follows the previous method’s technique in taking a high-resolution photo and the photo will just be adjusted upon upload to the platform. Your photos aren’t going to be any less pixelated but you’ll see how they’re going to turn on as soon as you take the photo as opposed to when you upload them and feel the huge drop in quality.

There’s no way to change the upload quality of your photos on Tinder, it all depends on the quality of your camera. If your Tinder story is blurry, this is because of Tinder’s compression feature. All pictures uploaded to Tinder also experience compression and loss in quality so the best way to fix this is to upload high-quality pictures so you don’t notice the compression as much.

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