Why am I not getting likes on Tinder?

THIS Is Why You DON’T Get Tinder Matches (Its NOT Your Pics/Bio!) | Algorithm/ELO Explained + Reset!

Reasons Why You’re Getting No Matches on Tinder

Whether you didn’t get any matches from the beginning (starting from your first day on Tinder) or you suddenly stopped getting matches, there are different reasons why you’re not getting the matches.

Let’s find out, shall we?

ELO score and Tinder algorithm

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ELO score used to be part of the Tinder algorithm. It was based on the “Likes” and “Nopes” you get.

So the more “Likes” you’d get, the higher your ELO score would be.

Despite the fact that Tinder no longer relies on the ELO score, some people still use it as a term to somehow describe the Tinder algorithm.

Tinder algorithm, in fact, is way broader than the ELO score.

It does a lot of work, and analyzes your activity on Tinder.

It analyzes things such as:

  • How much you’re active on Tinder. 1.1. Your time spent on Tinder. 1.2. How often you log in. 1.3. Messaging your matches.
  • How often you swipe right/left.
  • Who you swipe right/left.
  • Who swipes you right/left.
  • All these and more, in order to show you the potential matches, and see whose potential match you are (to show you to them also).

    Why Am I Getting Zero Matches From the Beginning?

    Getting zero matches from the first day on Tinder might be your fault… just a little. There must be something wrong that you’re doing on your profile, swiping, and others. (Check out Tinder Etiquette if you want to know all the dos and don’ts)

    To get lots of matches, in Tinder exists a thing called “newbie boost”, Triggering the newbie boost you need to open a new account with a fresh phone number and new details.

    Here’s what it could be:

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