When do men realize they made a mistake in letting you go if they truly love you?

How Long does it take a man to Realize what he Lost? Will your Ex ever realize your worth?

7 moments when a guy realizes what he has lost

Relationships thrive when the individuals have a deep understanding of each other’s patterns, thoughts, traumas, etc.

No matter how close you are to your friends and family, it’s usually hard, or even impossible, to get close to that relationship you have with a partner.

Due to spending so much time together, they just understand you better than anyone else.

This understanding is the foundation of a healthy and strong relationship.

Once your man starts dating new people, he will soon come to realize that nobody seems to get him the way you did.

Even if the two of you never end up getting back together, there is a chance that this regret will stick with him forever, because a real connection where someone truly understands you is rare in this world.

One thing a lot of guys do right after breaking up is to go out and party.

Their yearning for passion, freedom, and not having to be responsible might have even been the driving force behind the breakup.

They light up at the thought of not having to be committed to anyone, and go out every weekend, hooking up with different girls each time, and drinking until the sun comes up.

While this can be fun and great for a while, there will be a point where your ex will actually have an epiphany right there in the middle of the club.

He will realize that, of course, it’s fun to mess around a bit, but none of what he is doing is fulfilling.

Right on that dance floor he will suddenly miss the cozy movie nights, cuddled up in bed with your favorite takeout, or the way you spend your Sunday mornings together.

All of these superficial hookups will never come close to the deep connection and intimacy you shared, and he will realize that what he is doing is simply an attempt to distract himself from losing you.

3) When nobody he meets is as kind as you

Genuine and kind women can be hard to come by, and your ex will realize this painfully once he starts getting back out there and dating new people.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many beautiful women out there, with unique strengths and qualities, but they might not get close to how kind you were to him.

Kindness is often overlooked as a trait and taken for granted until it is gone.

Your ex might have never consciously valued your kindness, but now he realizes that it is actually one of the most important qualities a person can have.

There is nothing like feeling safe in the presence of a truly kind partner, and once your ex notices how nobody seems to measure up to your kindness, he will feel the lack of your presence.

4) When nobody cares about him the way you did

Caring about someone is a trait that also gets swept under the rug more often than not, and is only noticed when it’s not there.

Your ex-partner will realize sooner rather than later how rare it is to have someone who deeply cares about you.

Sure, family and friends are always there, but a platonic relationship will never replace the things you did for him.

This epiphany will probably happen while your ex is doing something mundane, like doing the dishes.

All of a sudden, he realizes that he has never done the dishes with you there, because you knew how much he hates this chore, so you took care of it.

This will spiral into a cascade of memories of how much you did on a daily basis to make his life a little bit easier.

So many things are taken for granted when we do them every day, but once you’re not there anymore, he will notice how much more he should have appreciated you.

I know, you probably don’t wish it on anyone, not even your ex-partner, but we do live in a world where taking advantage of people is no rare occurrence.

Once your partner gets back out there and dates new people, chances are good that there will be someone who uses him.

At that moment, he will yet again realize what a huge mistake he has made when he let you go.

Having someone in his life that is only using him to their advantage will remind him of your sweet and genuine nature, and how you accepted and loved him with all his flaws.

You had no ulterior motive, you simply loved him for who he was, and that can be hard to come by.

When your ex-partner starts to have sex with new people, there might be an instant realization of what a mistake he has made breaking up with you.

Deep connection is what makes intimacy so mind-blowing, and in comparison, all his new adventures feel unfulfilling and bland.

This might make him crave you again, reminiscing about the connection you two shared.

There’s even a possibility that he will reach out again.

Lastly, a man will undoubtedly realize what he has lost when he sees that you have moved on.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be with someone else.

As soon as he sees you happy, by yourself or with a new partner, he will realize that you are not his anymore.

All of a sudden, he will notice what a great woman he has let go of, and it will frustrate him knowing that he didn’t come to this realization soon enough.

Now that we’ve talked about all the moments your ex will realize what you have lost, I’m sure you’re curious if your ex has had these epiphanies already, am I right?

There are a few signs that show you that he regrets losing you.

First and foremost, contacting you is usually the most obvious sign that your ex regrets breaking up with you.

He will try to talk to you as much as possible, and might even try to convince you to get back together.

In extreme cases, guys might even reach out to friends or family and ask them to convince you!

In that situation, it’s up to you what to do!

This one might be less obvious, as he will probably only talk to close friends, but guys like to share their emotions with someone.

When he really regrets losing you, he will talk to his best buddies about it.

You might not be able to identify this unless you have mutual friends that tell you how much he’s been talking about you.

But if your friends say that he has been asking about you, then you can already guess that there is something behind that.

We already talked about guys immediately trying to move on and have some non-committal fun.

That’s why it might seem like they have moved on, sleeping with a different girl every night.

Unless he actually gets into a serious relationship, however, all these girls might just be a distraction.

In reality, he knows that he hasn’t moved on and tries to mask that fact with sex.

Usually, his close friends will have a pretty good idea about whether or not he has truly moved on.

If your ex-partner talks about all the good times the two of you had together, that might be a sign that he regrets losing you.

Sometimes, he might not even be able to recall all the bad times, because you were such a good influence on his life.

He might tell you these things, or he talks to his friends about it. Either way, it is a big sign that he regrets his mistake.

Do you want to give your ex-partner a little help with realizing what he has lost?

Well, lucky for you, there are 2 ways that will not only make him regret his decision but make you happier as well!

Have you heard of the no-contact rule before? It’s quite commonly known, and for good reason, as it truly is the one thing you should do right after breaking up.

If you are already some time into the break-up, don’t worry, you can establish this rule at any time, just make sure to do it as soon as possible.

You can probably already guess by its name, the no-contact rule means cutting off all contact and communication with the ex.

That doesn’t only include calling or texting, you should even refrain from commenting or liking their posts on social media!

You should not reach out to him in any way. If he does, you can choose if you want to ignore it or reply.

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