When A Sagittarius Man Is Not Interested (7 Not-So-Obvious Signs)

6 Signs to Know Your Sagittarius Man is Mad at You

3.  He is slow to respond to texts or calls

Now some people are just naturally busy all the time but there’s a big clue that this behavior relates to him losing interest in you. If a Sagittarius man is constantly slow to return your calls or texts and then doesn’t apologize this is a sign he’s not interested.

Particularly if his responses are monosyllabic. However, if he apologizes profusely and explains why in detail then your relationship is ok.

4.  He is always busy when you want to see him

Again, this is another case of having to use your own judgement. Sometimes we embark on relationships and it’s just not a great time to do so. We might be in the middle of a busy time in our career.

But we may have met someone that we don’t want to slip through our fingers. So what do we do? Well, you explain what’s going on, thats what you do. If you are constantly getting a busy message with no explanation that cut this guy loose.

If someone is genuine about wanting to see you then they will make time to see you.

When a Sagittarius man is not interested he will start to show his nasty side. The blunt and honest nature will come out and he won’t care. It is so embedded in his nature so you will find that he probably won’t even know he is doing it.

Remember, a Sagittarius guy can be brutal when he goes on the attack. So if he lashes out one day out of nowhere and you are shocked and stunned by what he’s said, see it as a sign. Particularly if he has never acted like this before. He’ll say things that are cruel and hurtful.

When a Sagittarius guy finds the woman he wants to settle down with he can’t keep his hands off them. He becomes ultra-romantic, eager to please, to show his feelings, full of affection and love. He’s just happy and delirious to be close to his partner.

And don’t forget, this is the guy that treasures his freedom. This is the man that has itchy feet and always wants to be away travelling, discovering some new country. So the moment he stops being affectionate and wants his space you should be worried.

7.  He doesn’t want you to meet the family

Now I’ve said before that a Sagittarius man is not necessarily family-orientated but that’s before he meets ‘the one’. Because when these guys fall in love they fall hard. So, the first things they want to do is show off their love to their nearest and dearest.

Therefore, you can bet your next month’s salary that if you never get to meet the parents you are not the one. In fact, your man is not interested in you that way. Because he will only ever take a special woman to meet mum and dad.

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