What to tell parents about leaving mid year : Teachers

When leaving a role, most professionals submit a letter of resignation to their supervisors as notification of their departure. If youre leaving a teaching position, you may also need to write a letter of resignation addressed to the parents of the students in your classes. These letters often allow teachers to share key details regarding their resignations and outline future plans. In this article, we discuss why its important to write a teacher resignation letter to parents and how to do so, including a template and an example letter.

I will miss all of you and your wonderful children but look forward to what this new adventure will have in store. Your children have all touched my heart greatly and I regret that I must leave them. I hope to have the opportunity to speak to each and every one of you personally before my resignation comes into effect.

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What to tell parents about leaving mid year : Teachers

It ended up being a nightmare in a lot of ways. The kids are great, the parents are great, but the administration is crazy. My administrator is verbally abusive to kids and teachers and has been violating a lot of protocol when it comes to safety procedures for the school and accommodating special ed students.

Last Friday, I reported her to someone higher up in the district. On Monday, she came down and said she knew what I did and would fire me if I talked to anyone in the district again. I did talk to multiple people in the district after that and they said that they were opening up an investigation.

I know this was the right decision. I already sent my letter of resignation last night (I kept it short and sweet). Im struggling with how to break this news to my current students and parents (and when to tell them). I know they will be very upset about it (and rightfully so). I dont feel like I can really be honest with them but I dont want to lie either. Im afraid if I tell them everything my administrator may retaliate legally or something.

Why is it important to write a teacher resignation letter to parents?

Its important to write a teacher resignation letter to parents to notify them of your departure. In your letter, you can discuss your reason for leaving, express your gratitude for the opportunities youve had and outline the plans the school has established for their students continuing education. Letters that contain this important information can help all stakeholders within a school setting to reach alignment and avoid any confusion regarding your resignation.

Follow this guide to write an effective teacher resignation letter addressed to parents:

In your opening paragraph, explain respectfully that youre leaving your position. This can help parents easily understand your reason for writing and ensure they continue reading to gain more important information. From here, you can briefly address your reason for leaving if you feel comfortable sharing it.

2. Express your gratitude for the opportunity to teach their children

In the next paragraph, express your gratitude for your experiences. Its important that youre authentic in your letter so students and their parents know you valued your time with them. Try to craft at least one or two sentences that capture how you feel about leaving.

Following your expression of gratitude, discuss your plans for the future. You can explain when youre planning on departing from your role and whether the school has chosen a successor to take your place. If you discuss your successor, try to include some information about their background and when they plan to start.

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