What to do when he doesn’t text you back & 4 reasons why he isn’t

What to Do When He Doesn’t Text Back | Why Men Ignore Your Messages

Think of this: What would getting a text back from him make you feel?

Would you feel more valuable? Respected? Important? Your thought of yourself as valuable, respected, and important shouldn’t depend on his texts, nor anyone else’s texts. Take the time you need to work on this aspect, and learn how to stop thinking that you’re the problem.

If you feel ignored, not valued, or not respected, then see if it is coming from a place of insecurities or if it is a result of his behavior towards you. If it is the latter, then this can be considered as one of the signs of a toxic relationship.

Would you feel that he cares? Just one reply cannot indicate whether someone cares for you or not. You want to pay attention to his approach towards you and your boundaries. Let things flow, and see if where they’re headed is something that’s suitable for you or not.

If he never texts back, and you’re the only one making the move, then take this as a sign to move on from this relationship. It’ll be draining and exhausting for you.

9 things you can do when a guy doesn’t text you back:

1. Change the perspective on how you’re seeing the situation

When a guy doesn’t text you back, honestly, it’s not him causing you the stress and anxiety of waiting. It’s not you either. It’s more of the point of view and perspective through which you’re seeing the situation.

Drop the “I did something wrong, hence he’s not responding”, or “How do I win him back?” mindset.

I do understand that it can be difficult, because you like him a lot, and you’re attracted to him, and that you don’t want to lose him. But you might want to take a second and think on how this attraction is affecting your emotional state.

When he doesn’t text back, it can be damaging, and it can make you drop things, perhaps question your value, and so on. That’s why I’d like you to think of it as “He doesn’t seem to be very respectful towards me, do I want to continue keeping in touch with this guy?”

It is honestly more of a pragmatic way of seeing it. I’d like you to ask yourself right now: “Am I happy with the way this way of communication from his side makes me feel? Is he deserving of it? Would I tolerate this, for the sake of self-respect?”

There could be so many reasons why he doesn’t text back. He can show signs he likes you through text, but they feel absent once the assumptions start to kick in.

Making assumptions about this will drive you to a place of low self-esteem and almost desperation. It’s not a healthy place to be in. If you want to get out of it, you want to drop the assumptions.

I know all about the “Oh I shouldn’t have said that! I know it’s the reason he’s not texting!”, “He’s probably met someone more fun, or interesting than me.”, “He’s lost interest, I was kissing his a*s.”

Sincerely speaking, this gets worse, and the assumptions get more than 3 in number, more nonsense, and more crazy the more you keep them going.

3. Wait for a certain period of time – Don’t text him

“Oh, he didn’t respond to my text, I’m going to text him again to see why!” Hold on a little, wait for a little…

When I say wait, don’t text him for a certain period of time, not wait around for him to text you. I mean just don’t send him another text.

He didn’t communicate the reasons to you, hence you don’t want to rush in and text him something ‘wrong’, or something that’ll make the situation get worse.

Since we have no clue why he didn’t text us, we give him that space, but most importantly we respect our own. We acknowledge that it’s not our fault, and just leave it at that, continuing our lives like we did before we met this mind conqueror.

Set yourself a limit (time wise), if he crosses that limit, move on. Let’s say you set that limit to 7 days. If he doesn’t text until then, then you move on. And if you just feel like doing it, send him a closure text.

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