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Best Bumble Profile Bio Ideas
  • Choose an Appropriate Photo. Your photo is probably the first thing that catches a user’s attention. …
  • Less than/Greater than Bio. …
  • First and Last Bio. …
  • About me/About you Bio. …
  • Three Simple Things. …
  • Obscure Bio. …
  • Listing your Likes. …
  • By Night/By Day.

The Type of Bumble Bio That Guys NEED

Here are some of the best ways to write a catchy Bumble bio:

This format is great for listing your unique details and the things you would like to see in your potential date.

For example:

About Me: Sweats all week to spend the weekend up in the mountains. Loves dogs and is not afraid to ask you for a dance.

About You: Adventurous and outgoing. Someone who is not afraid to try out new things. Loves eating, trekking, and spending time with dogs.

About Me: I can watch a horror movie every night! I love pizza, coffee, and anything that can make me laugh.

About You: You are not afraid to admit your mistakes or apologize. Someone who can eat ice cream every day!

If you are looking forward to initiating a conversation, this is a nice way to write your Bumble profile bio. You just have to touch on a few controversial subjects that can spark a debate. Now that’s a nice way to voice your opinions and get to know what your potential date things about the subject.

You can compare TV shows, food options, cities, museums, movies, and just about anything you want.

Here are a few examples:

This type of profile bio gives a glimpse of what’s trending in your life. You can list the last book you read, the first movie you ever saw, or the latest vacation trip you enjoyed. Such a profile bio allows you to reveal your hobbies, passions, and preferences.

Job: cashier at Macy’s

Crush: Chris Hemsworth

Movie: Thor

Book I read: Unfinished by Priyanka Chopra

Thing I ate: Spaghetti and meatballs

Place I visited: Texas for a cousin’s wedding

We all love talking about the things we love doing. This type of profile bio lets you reveal what’s interesting about your life and your personality. Choose this format to share random things about yourself:

I love drinking three cups of coffee every morning, eating salad for lunch, and a huge pizza loaded with cheese for dinner.

Christmas is my favorite holiday because I can ask for gifts shamelessly. My favorite superhero movie is Black Panther because I can’t get over Chadwick Boseman.

Bumble is the only dating app where women have to message the men first. The best Bumble bios for males feature interesting facts and trivia. Consider this opportunity to sell your personality to attract potential matches.

Showing off what’s best about you can be another way to attract attention from others. Your Bumble profile bio should be impressive enough to initiate a conversation. Just don’t sound like you are bragging.

For example, if you are writing something like ‘I love oil painting,’ don’t forget to add a picture of yourself displaying your best work.

You can also connect your Instagram to Bumble so potential matches can check out your hobbies and passions.

Another way is to include specific details that make your Bumble profile more authentic.

As you can see, these bios look authentic because they reveal details about the users and their preferences, such as their favorite interests and hobbies.

Prompts act as conversation starters for this popular dating profile. They help you reveal your story if you can’t write a compelling bio. You can display your lifestyle, personality interests, and just about anything through prompts. Prompts can be your best friends if you don’t like talking about yourself too much or you are too shy to post pictures.

Any woman who previously swiped left could react to a specific prompt that is relevant to her interests. That’s the reason why you should update your Bumble prompts once a week to keep your options open.

Prompts also make it easier for women to use the Reaction feature for sending you an emoji. They can also send you a message in response to your answers.

Since users can include only three prompts, remember to choose the best ones for your profile.

Bumble prompts or ‘My Move Makers’ follow the same format as Hinge. You can select three prompts from over 30+ prompts and get 120 characters for writing each answer that will be displayed in between your pictures.

For example:

You can list your strengths, weaknesses, talents, hobbies, or passions through your prompts if you don’t want to include them in your bio.

Here are some examples:

What makes a relationship great is… love, friendship, and honesty

My personal hell is…living with someone who doesn’t like music

We’ll get along if…you agree to eat my homemade pizza

This section of your Bumble profile is the free-form bio section of your profile. You may feel a little limited when it comes to writing what you actually feel because there are only a handful of prompts out there. You can stand out from the crowd with the headlines section of your profile.

If you don’t have spellbinding pictures with amazing backgrounds to impress others, you can encourage others to know more about you with this section. That way, you allow others to know how you spend your free time or what do you plan on doing with your life in the future.

Don’t regurgitate information about your location or age. Rather, figure out something unique to write. Creating a solid bio by adding something different will increases your chances of connecting with your dream date.

You don’t want to waste time connecting with people you won’t see after the first date. But how do you make sure you don’t connect with them in the first place?

Badges help you find like-minded individuals to reduce your chances of hooking up with the wrong date. If you add badges to your profile, you can increase your chances of matching with the right person. Basic info badges are great ways to share more about your likes and preferences on the platform. The more information you leave on your profile, the higher your chances will be to make matches. You can find options for badges underneath your basic info.

  • On the bottom-left corner of your Swipe Queue, tap on the grey silhouette
  • Go to ‘Complete my profile’ under your picture
  • Choose ‘Badges’ underneath your basic info
  • Try to fill out as many badges as possible
  • Initiating a conversation becomes easier if you have something in common. For instance, my love for music.

    If you integrate your Spotify account into your profile, you will get more opportunities to connect with the right person. That’s a great feature to direct more attention to your bio.

    Here are the steps you need to follow to connect your Spotify account to your Bumble profile.

  • Go to the bottom left corner of your screen and click on the grey silhouette
  • Choose ‘Complete my profile’ in the circular photo to open the profile editor
  • Browse Linked Accounts
  • Select the green bar that displays ‘Connect your Spotify’
  • Enter your login details for Spotify to log in
  • Accept the Terms & Conditions of use
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