What problems may I face if I marry a Single mom of two?

A Disturbing and true STORY of a GOOD MAN marrying a single MOTHER with two kids.

Disadvantage: Her Kids Might Not Like You

When dating a single mom you need to keep in mind that it will take some time for her kids to get used to you.

For them, you will be a complete stranger at the beginning and they might not fully comprehend why their mom is with you and not their dad.

If you are good with kids, then this won’t be a problem and you will get used to them.

However, if you are impatient and not really into kids marrying a single mom might not be a good idea for you.

Advantage: She’s Low Maintenance

One of the biggest turnoffs for many guys is when a girl demands a great deal from them, in terms of time, effort or even money.

They are less likely to always want things to go their way because with their kids it’s often not an option.

It also means that she’s going to be less selfish than a person who’s never been forced to put someone else’s needs first.

Disadvantage: You’re Not Her Top Priority

The simple fact of being with a woman who has a child is that you cannot be her top priority.

Her kids always and forever will have to come first, and that’s ok.

If her kids didn’t come first, then she would be a terrible mother.

Putting her kids first doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about you; after all, she puts her kids before herself, and that doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about herself.

Still, if you need your partner to always prioritize you, then you might not want to marry a single mother.

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