What is Tinder Shadowban & How to Fix It in 6 Steps

Create a new account using a new phone number and a new email address (this is super important, otherwise Tinder will restore your previous parameters and you will be still shadowbanned… game over). Don’t link your social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Spotify) if you previously used them with Tinder.
  1. Don’t send inappropriate messages to your matches.
  2. Don’t do something that may get you reported several times.
  3. Also, don’t add some inappropriate photos on your Tinder profile such as animal cruelty, sexual pictures, etc. …
  4. Don’t swipe uncontrollably.

How To Get Unbanned From Tinder & Bypass A Shadow Ban in 2022

What is Tinder Shadowban?

A punishment… from Tinder, because you’ve done something wrong you naughty!

Tinder shadowban is Tinder penalizing you for doing something wrong (i.e breaking the Tinder community guidelines) without you knowing you’re being penalized.

Your profile becomes almost invisible, and it’ll take you some time until you realize something’s actually wrong.

How to tell I’m shadowbanned?

The official Tinder doesn’t talk about it. However, we all know…

Here’s how you can tell whether you’re shadow banned or not:

  • If not zero, you get very few matches. You got a lot of matches before, and all of a sudden you’re not getting any. (Or the ones that you’re getting are the ‘low quality’ matches.) That’s because your profile, your majesty, isn’t being shown to people. You’re I-N-V-I-S-I-B-L-E.
  • You get no messages back Let’s say you’ve been having a few conversations going on with a few people, and you stopped getting their messages out of the blue. It could be that they’re not getting your texts either no matter how many times you tried to reach them.
  • Almost zero profiles are shown to you It is true there is a limit of people you can swipe per day. But this time it’s a different type of story, right? You’re swiping just as always, and recently you’re running out of ‘profiles’ to swipe, pretty damn quickly. That’s another sign, right there.
  • Oops! Something went wrong You see the “Oops! Something went wrong” pretty f*cking often that it is starting to get annoying.
  • how to get unshadowbanned tinder 2

    Note: Do not confuse it with error codes such as error code 5000, or others. Pay attention to the text.

    You see it while you’re swiping those few profiles or when there are no more profiles to be shown. You see it a lot of times when using Tinder.

  • You [Tinder Gold subscribers] get zero (or few of the fewest) likes You went all happy when you first saw who likes you, but now the story got kind of sad eh? Because you’re not getting likes anymore. You’re sort of invisible now.
  • You got a warning from Tinder If you broke any of the Tinder community guidelines, or got reported by people, you’ll perhaps get a warning from Tinder. It usually looks like this:
  • how to get unshadowbanned tinder 2

    Well, the reason why you’re shadowbanned is exactly one of those mentioned above (you broke the Tinder community guidelines, or people reported you) to begin with.

    Let’s say you didn’t improve much of your inappropriate behavior after the warning… if they didn’t ban you, then congrats on you shadowban.

    If you’re new, Tinder gives you a kind of a boost. However, after a while you won’t get as many matches, or people to swipe.

    Do not confuse this with a shadowban.

    Why am I shadow banned?

    It’s not because “Oh I’m just unlucky, always been.”, trust me.

    There is something you’ve done with or without knowing you’re doing something wrong.

    Perhaps you didn’t hear of the Tinder Etiquette, which is exactly what you should know of before you get Tinder. Here’s what it could be:

  • You broke the Tinder community guidelines You didn’t even read them, didn’t you? Taken from Tinder: Nudity/Sexual Content Harassment Violence and Physical Harm Hate Speech Private Information Spam Promotion or Solicitation Prostitution and Trafficking Scamming Impersonation Minors
  • You swiped right uncontrollably It could be detected as a ‘robotic’ move, and then Tinder gets mad at you because you’ve got no standards, you know the drill.
  • You sent the same message to a lot of people Another ROBOOOTIC MOOOVE!
  • You ghosted peopleThat’s another thing that’ll get some Tinder’s users mad, which then will get Tinder mad, which then will possibly lead to a shadowban.
  • You restarted your account too many times It’s spooky. Tinder will know you’re up to no good, you’re up to something naughty. And well, take action.
  • You’ve been reported (multiple times) Tinder will not keep someone who disturbs its users… Getting reported is an indicator that you’re disturbing people by showing inappropriate behavior through your actions on Tinder. You might get warned. You might just get banned. You might get shadow banned. Moral of the story, be nice.
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