What is The Yellow Heart Symbol On Bumble? & How To Use It?

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Should you buy Coins to use to Yellow heart on Bumble?

As you can see using just one Bumble SuperSwipe is not cheap, so a good question is it worth buying Bumble coins so you can use the Bumble hearts? Do you increase your chances of matching when you tap on them?

Well, there is a big debate about this, with totally different viewpoints.

Some people believe that it only signals neediness to your potential partner, so it won’t increase rather decrease your chances of matching.

Others say (including Bumble official communication) that you can significantly increase your chance of matching with someone when you tap on the yellow hearts as they also send a notification to the profile you SuperSwiped.

However, as Bumble Superswipes can be tested for free, it is more difficult or actually more expensive to find out if they are really worth it in your case

If you have money to spend on Bumble, we would first suggest you spend it on a Bumble Spotlight and if you still want to spend money you can experiment with Bumble SuperSwipes. But they are 100% not necessary for successful Bumble dating.

If you want to know more about Bumble SuperSwipes and when should you use them to be more effective on Bumble, check out our in-depth article about SuperSwipes where we go deep everything related to Bumble SuperSwipes.

Unfortunately, there is no way to take a Bumble SuperSwipe back. Although Bumble Backtrack is a free feature that enables you to take back your swipes but only when you swiped left somebody.

You can’t use Backtrack when you swiped someone right or when you tapped on the heart icon on your screen.

For this unpleasant reason, we would suggest you to always spend your Bumble Coins once you purchased them. This way you won’t be able to accidentally tap on the heart icons and waste a couple of bucks for this accident.

Interestingly, when you are using other modes of Bumble, Bumble Bizz or Bumble BFF, the yellow heart icon in the date mode also changes in color and shape as well.

In Bumble Bizz mode the SuperSwipe is actually a white star icon on a red background. The functionality is the same so when you use them on the Bizz mode you let the other profile know that you really want to network with him or her.Bumble Bizz SuperSwipe Icon

When you are using Bumble BFF to find new friends and buddies you can also use a SuperSwipe that is a white star with a green background. When you tap on it, you will let the other person know that you really want to be friends with him or her.

Frequently Asked Questions

The yellow hearts are they symbol of the Bumble SuperSwipe feature. When you tap on them, you let the other person know before she would swipe you that you like her.

No, you have to get Bumble coins to be able to use Bumble heart and SuperSwipe someone. You don’t get any of them for free even if you have a Bumble Boost subscription.

Yes, guys can also tap on the yellow hearts on Bumble, they just can’t start the conversations when they matched before the women would make the first move by sending a message.

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