What is the easiest and fastest way to get laid?

The Easiest Ways To Get Laid

How to Get Laid Fast

If you want to get a ton of sex with more women than you can count, you first need to understand the critical concept known as “screening.”

You know how women give men shit tests, right? If not, then read that article before we continue—it’s a huge secret to getting lots of sex.

The thing that most men don’t realize, is that you can actually shit test a woman for her sexual availability. In other words, you can give her little “tests” to see how willing she is to sleep with you that night.

Screening a girl does two things:

In fact, using a few of the screening tips I’m about to give you, I’ve slept with well over 100 women in the past several years—it’s that effective.

The Secret to Getting Laid

Screening women simply means that you’re asking certain questions, and doing certain things, to determine if they want sex with you or not.

While it sounds simple, this is the secret to having lots of sex and getting laid often. You can do it at bars, for online dating, and more.

In fact, screening women is a key part of my strategy to getting laid on Tinder—-without screening, getting laid online would be impossible.

Screening is without a doubt the easiest way to get laid fast, whether you’re at a night club, at a bar, out with friends, or anywhere else.

3 Steps to Have Sex Tonight

When you combine screening women, with being an attractive man who knows how to turn girls on, you will be an unstoppable sex machine.

The easiest way to get laid often is to simply become a more attractive man and learn how to screen girls. You can do this within a few months, easy.

Screening women comes down to three things:

  • Looking For IOI’s (Indicators of Interest)
  • Teasing Her Verbally
  • Being Sexually Assertive
  • When you learn to do these three things in the right combination, you’ll find that screening works WONDERS for getting laid fast.

    Rather than going out and wasting your time talking to girls who aren’t interested in you, you’ll end up investing your time and energy in the 20% of girls that will give you the biggest return.

    The most important thing when it comes to getting laid fast is to look at what IOI’s women are giving you. This is the key to frequent sex.

    IOI’s, or indicators of interest, are little body language cues that women give off when they’re sexually attracted to you. If a woman gives off enough of these IOI’s, it means she wants to have sex with you NOW.

    Many people don’t realize this, but when women want you to approach them, they’ll often give off signs that they like you.

    A single woman, for example, might eye you from across the dance floor, and play with her hair—this is a clear cut “indicator of interest.”

    Here’s some examples of IOI’s:

  • Playing With Her Hair
  • Giggling At Everything You Say
  • Hugging You, Touching You, etc.
  • Looking Deep Into Your Eyes
  • Just one of these IOI’s means a woman is attracted to you. If you notice that she’s giving you multiple, then you can probably have sex that night.

    Once you notice her IOI’s, it’s time to approach her. Go up to her, meet her, and move onto step two to see if she wants to have sex with you or not.

    If a girl gave you IOI’s before you even approached her, then use one of these great pickup artist openers to strike up a conversation. If you two already started talking, then just keep moving on.

    The goal here is to tease her a bit, and say things that test her. If she teases you back, and flirts back, then great—she’s attracted to you.

    For example, grab her bicep and joke about how she must lift. If she blushes and responds favorably, that’s a sign that she’s sexually into you.

    If you DO try flirting with a woman, and she ignore you or doesn’t flirt back, that’s fine—keep trying a bit. Sometimes women will give you mixed signals, because they don’t want to appear too “easy” to their friends.

    The secret here is to build a connection while simultaneously screening her for sexual availability. If she teases you back and flirts back, then there’s a high likelihood that she’s willing to have sex with you.

    Once you’re getting indicators of interest from a girl, and she’s responding well to your flirting and jokes, it’s time to be more sexual with her.

    As a guy, getting laid is on you—it’s not a woman’s job to pursue you and try to fuck you, it’s your job to try to have sex with HER and pursue HER.

    So, once you notice that she’s clearly sexually attracted to you, it’s time to sexually escalate and start making your moves on her.

    Obviously, most people have a hard enough time learning to approach a woman, let alone actually flirting with her and having sex.

    Don’t worry, though—it’s much easier than you think. In fact, if you really want to learn how to become a player, my blog is a great resource.

    Here’s some ways to make your move:

  • Ask if She Wants to Dance
  • Tell Her to Come Outside For Air
  • Invite Her Back to Your Place
  • The point is that from here, all you need to do is try to “isolate” her in pickup terms. Figure out a way for you to both be alone together, so that you can end up having sex.

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