What is the Bumble’s Match Queue and how does it work?

The Bumble Match Queue

It’s something of a shortcut to stop you needing to swipe through your main list until you find a match. You then swipe left or right as you see fit. If you swipe right, as the person has already swiped right on you, it’s an automatic match. You can then chat like a standard match would.

❓❓How Does the Bumble Match Queue Work?

How to get Bumble matches back when your matches expire?

As we also said if a match in your yellow Match Queue has been there for more than 24 hours it will disappear and you can’t have a conversation with them. Bumble provides two kinds of solutions to his very unpleasant issue.

You can use Bumble Extend right before the math would expire that as the name implies, extends the match for 24 more hours. It also sends a notification to the girl, so there is a higher chance that this time she will make the first move.

Free users can make 1 Bumble Extend per day, you have to get a Bumble Boost subscription to be able to use Unlimited Extends. If you have a lot of matches per day, it might be worth getting it since as we said an Extend can increase the chance that she will send you the first message.

If you used an Extend and still haven’t received a message from the girl you can use Bumble Rematch feature that enables you to rematch with a girl right after the match disappeared. It is also a premium feature in Bumble, that can be used by subscribing to Bumble Boost.

Basically, that is all you need to know about Bumble Match Queue. You might not like it, but that is the thing that made Bumble so popular among girls and why it received the nickname, the feminist Tinder.

You have to live with this feature and can also make it work for you with the Bumble Boost premium features we talked about in the blog post. For more questions related to Bumble Math Queue, see our FAQ below.

In your Bumble Match Queue, you can also see a green circle with a blurred profile picture that shows that you have at least one profile that has already liked you but you haven’t swiped yet.

The only way to see the blurred matches in your Bumble Match queue is to subscribe to Bumble Boost and use the Beeline feature that lets you see all the profiles that already liked you and also match with them.

How Can I Save My Matches In Bumble Match Queue?

You can use the feature Bumble Extend that gives the girl an extra 24 hours to write you the first message. Without Bumble Boost subscription, you can only use this feature once per day, if you are a Boost subscriber you can use it an unlimited number of times.

Profiles with a yellow circle will disappear from your match queue if they don’t send you the first message in 24 hours. You can use the Extend feature to give them 24 more hours so that they have a chance again to make the first move.

If there are no profiles that swiped you right and you haven’t swiped yet or you swiped them right but they sent you a message already then you won’t see any profiles in your Bumble match queue.

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