What is the Beeline?

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What is the Beeline?

Legacy Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium subscribers are able to not only view the Beeline and swipe on their Admirers, but they’re also able to apply their filters to their Beeline for a more curated experience. If you aren’t subscribed to Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium you will still see the Beeline though you will not be able to view your Admirers.

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Ever since we were kids pulling petals off flowers chanting, “They love me, they love me not,” dating has been a guessing game. While the mystery can be fun, sometimes you just want to have the answers–that’s why we made the Beeline. Your Beeline fills with users who’ve swiped to the right on you but who you haven’t swiped on just yet. We call these folks Admirers. Because your Admirers have already made their interests known, theres no guesswork needed.

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