What is swipe surge on Tinder?

There are times when activity on Tinder naturally surges, when people in your area are lighting up Tinder, and we refer to these moments as a Swipe Surge. During a Swipe Surge, activity is up to 15x higher!

Tinder Swipe Surge (5 Matches in 10 Minutes)

What is a swipe surge on Tinder?

Tinder has announced a new in-app experience called swipe surge.

It will send notifications to other users when theres a spike in Tinder usage in their area.

Tinder says that activity during a surge is 15x higher overall, and increases matchmaking potential by 250 per cent.

Good news, they are also free, so every member will enjoy the benefits.

How often is a Tinder swipe surge?

More commonly than not, surges may line up with the following:

  • Festivals
  • Holidays
  • Concerts
  • Sporting Events
  • Sunday Nights
  • Monday Nights
  • Holidays
  • Outside these events, the most common days for a surge to occur are Sundays and Mondays.

    These two days are most likely chosen due to it being the days people tend to be less busy and so as a result have more time to kill.

    What better way to spend those Monday blues potentially finding the love of your life.

    To make the most out of the Swipe Surge:

  • Turn on notifications for Tinder and use the app when there is a Swipe Surge.
  • If there is an event in the neighborhood that caused the Swipe Surge like a concert or game, then add something related to it in your bio, to stand out from the crowd.
  • If you have a match, send the first message right away. As Swipe Surge badge indicates that he or she is online you will more likely to get a response back and will be able to start a meaningful conversation.
  • If you have a Boost, use it now as the best time to use a Tinder Boost or Super Boost when most people are using Tinder actively
  • Super Likes might still help. Although they are not necessary, as we said you will get a natural boost from participating in Tinder Swipe Surge. Super Likes can still help even more, as they will indicate that you have a special attraction to a potential match
  • All in all, a great feature from Tinder that brings back the golden days of Tinder to the 2020s. It is also a great move for Tinder from a business perspective. As you can only be notified about a Swipe Surge in your neighborhood with a notification, it helps Tinder convincing more people to enable Tinder push notifications.

    And since notifications always boost user activity, more people will be active on Tinder which usually equals more money for the company.

    How To Know When Is a Swipe Surge on Tinder?

    There is no fixed time for Swipe Surges. It occurs whenever there is an unusually high number of people active on Tinder. The only thing you can do to not miss Swipe Surge is to enable Tinder notifications, so whenever there is a Swipe Surge you can open up the app and enjoy the benefits of a free Swipe Surge.

    If you don’t want to get notified about, you have to disable notifications from Tinder on your phone.

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