What Is Com.ampsvc.Android? All About the Error

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What is the application called com.ampsvc.android?

com.ampsvc.android is a part of the Application Management Platform for games developed by WildTangent Software. You can usually spot it running in the background on your android.

Know more about com.ampsvc.android. What is it? Where did your android get these files from? What are the significances of com.ampsvc.android on android and how to resolve the Unfortunately, Com.ampsvc.android has stopped error on Android? Let’s find the answers.


What is com.ampsvc.android?

com.ampsvc.android is a process apps on android especially LG android phones which is a part of a gaming app. The basic function of the process is to provide the essential permission to help the game for rendering the GUI and smooth gameplay.

If you have ever installed the game Big Fish, Enigmatis or Big Fish Casino, chances are you will also get com.ampsvc.android along with these games.

This process is basically a part of bloatware that is used by the Games developers to push ads while gameplay like com.tmobile.pr.adapt and another gaming bloatware com.pivotmobile.android.metrics.

Wild Tangent is connected to android application management and is installed in OEM’s official updates to save companies like AT&T from having to spend a few minutes installing their apps on every phone they activate.

A few minutes times hundreds of thousands of phones add up to money saved by AT&T.

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Is com.ampsvc.android safe?

com.ampsvc.android is completely safe for your android and does not contain any virus or malware. The basic function of com.ampsvc.android is to serve the ads to user while they are playing game on their android. It doesn’t have enough access permission to access your data or settings.

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