What is Bumble Boost? How to use the dating app’s paid features to get more matches

Bumble Boost varies in cost, depending on how long you sign up for it. You can subscribe on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, in addition to three- and six-month subscriptions. Boosts cost may change as Bumble continues to test its paid features, but youre often getting a larger discount for longer subscriptions.

Bumble Boost lets you extend matches by 24 hours. Give yourself more time to craft the perfect first message. Pro-tip: when you first match with someone, immediately extend it to give yourself a complete 48 hours to respond! Just seeing that larger number can help take any pressure off.

Bumble Boost Tutorial

What are Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium?

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Advantages of Bumble BoostBumble Boost offers users a total of five features that regular users don’t have.

what does the boost do on bumble

  • Backtracking: This feature allows users to undo an accidental left swipe, so they dont lose the chance to match with someone just because of a (literal) slip of the hand.
  • Unlimited 24-hour match extensions: Bumble normally gives users 24 hours to send a message after a match is made before it disappears. This is great for encouraging users to stay active, but it can be a pain knowing you could miss matches if you dont have time to send messages every day. Bumble Boost, meanwhile, allows users to extend a match by 24 extra hours for each of their matches (free users are given one extension per day), giving them an extra day to respond if they just cant think of something to say.
  • Unlimited swipes: People using Bumble for free are given a finite number of swipes per day. If they go through those, they have to wait until tomorrow to get another “stack” of profiles to look through. Bumble Boost members, however, never run out.Quick tip: Boost users dont have a limit to how many swipes they can use. They get the entire stack of profiles in their viewing area all at once.>
  • One Spotlight a week: Spotlight is a feature that, once activated, secretly sends your profile to the top of other users stacks for 30 minutes. That means that anyone who opens the app sees you earlier. Free Bumble members have to pay for each Spotlight, but Boost members get one free Spotlight per week.
  • Five SuperSwipes per week: SuperSwipes, similar to Tinders Super Likes, are a way to let a user know that youre especially interested in them. When you activate a SuperSwipe by tapping the heart on someones profile, theyll be notified that you did so and given the option to match right away.
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