What interests should I add on Omegle to get more girls?

Omegle Common Interests to chat with women

Method 1Method 1 of 2:Finding and Chatting with Girls

  • Question How do I increase how many girls are interested in me? Community Answer Be confident, kind and patient with girls. Put your best foot forward and they will respond with interest.
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    To meet and chat with girls on Omegle, try entering interests that relate to girls, like popular music groups and singers, hobbies, and shows and movies that appeal to a primarily female audience. When you find someone to chat with, start with a friendly icebreaker, like asking how their day has been or if theyve ever heard of a band or movie you like. Since being too direct could drive girls away, resist the urge to ask if the other person is female and keep the conversation light and easy. You can keep the conversation going by seeing what interests you have in common, cracking inoffensive jokes, or telling a funny story. As long as you stay humble and keep it classy, people will want to keep chatting with you. For more advice, including how to stay safe on Omegle, keep reading!

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