What Holding Hands Means To A Guy – 9 Interpretations

When He Held My Hand

1. Have you noticed if he holds your hand in public?

Don’t we all hope for people in our lives who are proud of us and want to show us off to the world? We all deserve someone who screams off roof-tops about their love for us. Okay, not literally because that might be a little overboard. But you get our point, right? Getting a guy who isn’t afraid to hold your hand in public isn’t a lot to ask for.

Public display of affection can be intimidating for a lot of people and not everyone can or wants to engage in it. While that is understandable and quite normal, if a guy usually seems to show no hesitation in displays of affection with his friends, he shouldn’t shy away and must hold your hand in public at the very least. Right?

Holding the hand of the one you love in public proclaims your love for them louder than you think. It shows other people that you’re comfortable with accepting your love and that you are confident about it. Think about it, would a guy hold your hand if he wasn’t interested, that too in public? Most definitely not! So, if he reaches for your hand when you’re surrounded by people, count it as a sign that he’s fallen for you, head over heels. Pro tip boys: Do not ever let go of her hand in public, especially if she reaches out for yours!

he held my hand

Does he often reach out for your hand while he’s behind the steering wheel? That has to be one of the best feelings ever, right? According to us, if you have someone who holds your hand while driving and humming his favorite tune to himself, you’ve got yourself a keeper!

If he holds your hand while driving, it probably means he thinks about you subconsciously as well. Maybe he thinks of you as a particular song comes on the radio and he grabs your hand without a second thought. Men who hold onto your hand even as they switch gears are guaranteed to never switch their lovers! He’s definitely in it for the long haul. You may even count it as a sign he wants to marry you someday.

If your guy is into holding your hand while driving, the next time you go out on a drive, take his hand in yours as a gesture to show that you notice the little things too! Couple holding hands while driving is a flex. You know as well as we do that it’s one of the best feelings ever too. So soak it in, cherish it. Maybe make holding hands while driving your ritual as a couple.

3. When a guy holds your hand while crossing the road …

A little extra care and love never hurt anyone! Crossing busy roads can be confusing and scary but if there’s someone who holds on to your hand amidst the chaos, it feels easier, doesn’t it? If he holds your hand while crossing the road, it tells us how much he cares for your well-being, even in confusing situations. If the vibe is right, crossing the road can also be the perfect opportunity for holding hands with someone you’re not dating.

If you want to test the waters and see if he’s crushing on you as hard as you’re on him, maybe try reaching for his hand the next time you’re in the middle of a busy street. If he reciprocates and clutches your hand right back, you know you’ve got yourself a love story in the offing. After all, would a guy hold your hand if he wasn’t interested!

Not every day can be the same, but if he holds your hand almost every time you get down the car to cross the road, you’ve got to thank your lucky stars! This would definitely be someone who would always be there for you as a situation goes out of hand or messy. Judy said, “I knew he was the one for me as soon as he held my hand while crossing the road and switched sides with me to shield me from the heavy traffic.” Well done Judy! He’s got to be the one.

4. When a guy squeezes your hand while holding it …

As children, we often clung to our parents’ hands after watching a horror movie and squeezed them tight. When a guy squeezes your hand while holding it, it signifies just how much you mean to them or that they’re afraid to lose you in the future. If your man squeezes your hand while holding it, you should try asking him if everything is okay.

It could just be his way of expressing the intensity of his love for you, but it never hurts to check in. If you feel that something is amiss, a few follow-up questions are always good in a healthy relationship. Needless to say, when someone gives your hand a gentle squeeze, you should return the romantic gesture if you feel the same way!

Maybe if he’s holding hands while driving and then squeezes it tightly, you can pull this hand closer and plant a kiss. It is one of the many ways to show how close you are to a person or how intimate your relationship is. When your feelings for each other are genuine and intense, you don’t always need words to express them.

Interlocking your fingers with someone has to be the most intimate form of holding someone’s hand. If a guy holds on to your hand and interlocks the fingers, he’s all over you! We reach out to our friends for a lot of reasons, but when someone holds on to your hand and interlocks the fingers after a while, it cannot be subconscious. If it’s your boyfriend, there isn’t a surprise why he’d want to interlock the fingers.

If you’ve ever wondered what does it mean when a guy holds your hand while kissing, pay attention to how he’s holding it. If you’re in the midst of an intense makeout session, in all likelihood, he has his fingers interlocked with yours. This is a clear sign of passion and desire. He wants to be closer to you, and not just physically.

If it’s a guy you’ve had your eyes on for a while, it’s good news! In all likelihood, the feelings are mutual. However, it is always good to be sure about what the other person wants by clearly communicating your feelings to avoid any future awkwardness.

he held my hand

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