What Happens When You Ignore An Aquarius Man?

Why An Aquarius Man Or An Aquarius Woman Ignores You Or Cuts You Off [www.lamarrtownsendtarot.com]

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But, when an Aquarius man truly cares about someone, they will be upset and hurt by being ignored and once again treated as “other”.

This pain that they feel may motivate Aquarius to try harder to get you back into their life, or this may be the turning point in their attitude.

5. If all attempts fail to win you back, he will move on.

Aquarius is an air sign making them free-spirited and they have a lot of self-respect.

An Aquarius man may decide that all of their effort met with no response is their queue to just move on.

Their internal wounds may also become too much to bear, and the Aquarius man may decide that it is better to just cut their losses and move on.

When an Aquarius man is ignored, they will not be satisfied with the unsolved conflict.

But they wont wear their heart on their sleeve until a tipping point is reached.

Instead they do what comes natural to them. They have plenty of friends. They love to think.

And, chances are they turn to things that stimulate their mind when you start ignoring them.

Beware if an Aquarius does decide to stop trying with you, they won’t come back.

Their stubbornness also causes them to be grudge holders, so at a certain point they may not want to be back in your life.

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