What Happens When You Ignore An Aquarius Man (13 Surprising Reactions)

His heart will break.

Aquarius may be hurt by the silence. Air signs love to share ideas, so not being in contact with you can make him feel emotionally disconnected. On the inside, Aquarius may be quite hurt by being ignored.

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13 Possible Reactions That You May Get After Ignoring Your Aquarius Man

Most Aquarius men are very sensitive beings. If you want to ignore your Aquarius man, do so carefully as it may backfire on you and he may want to break up with you. He won’t want to be ignored and as opposed to craving your attention again, he may just start looking for someone else.

One of the problems with ignoring an Aquarius guy is that it can have such different effects depending on the particular Aquarius you are dating. He may start realizing what a fantastic catch you are if you ignore him. As a result, he may start chasing you again as if you were at the beginning of your relationship.

ignoring an aquarius

Another thing that sometimes happens when you ignore an Aquarius man is that he starts seeing another person. This is obviously not what you want at all, so do be careful if you are thinking of taking this tack in your relationship. Think about the particular Aquarius that you are dating. Do you think he is capable of moving on quickly? If that is the case, then he could start seeing someone else if you ignore him.

Ignoring someone can be hurtful. A lot of people don’t deal with having their feelings hurt very well and as a result, they get angry. This could very well be the case with your Aquarius man if you ignore him.

Some Aquarius men will take some types of behavior very seriously and also very bad. Some may feel that actively choosing to ignore a person as opposed to talking to them about any issues is an immature action. If this is the case with your Aquarius man, you may find that he loses respect for you.

Ignoring someone, even if your reasons are sound, can cause hurt. You need to be aware that acting in this way and not giving your Aquarius man any attention may cause him to be upset a lot. You need to be able to cope with that if this is what happens as a result of your actions.

Aquarius men tend to be very independent and detached beings. If you start to ignore him – even a little bit – you may find that as opposed to giving you the attention that you want, he actually starts to withdraw from you and into his shell even more. This then makes having any form of meaningful partnership with him even more difficult.

Ignoring a person can have a negative impact on your connection. The reason being is that your Aquarius man may seriously question who you are and what you mean to each other if you act in this way. He may be very surprised by your behavior and also dislike the feeling of uncertainty that comes from being in a partnership with a person who can blow so hot and cold.

Ignoring your Aquarius man may also make him question who you are. Even if you ignore him a tiny bit at one point in your romance, you may start to become a different individual to him that he thought you were.

An Aquarius man is often very guilty of blowing very hot and cold with a partner he is in a romantic partnership with. As a result, a very possible result of you ignoring him could simply be that he ignores you back making everything even worse between the two of you.

ignoring an aquarius

Of course, there can be a good thing that comes from treating you in this way. It could make him chase you and as a result, he may start showering you with affection again. If you think that taking away your attention from him could encourage a reaction like this from him, it could be worth doing.

Perhaps one of the more positive results from ignoring your Aquarius man is the fact that he may want a discussion to talk through why you are treating him in this way. As a result, it gives you the opportunity to highlight any problems that have arisen between the two of you.

13. He no longer takes you for granted

You may feel that ignoring your Aquarius is the only option available to you at a certain juncture in your partnership. One of the most positive repercussions of this action can be that he doesn’t take you for granted any longer as you are not around as much as you once were. It can therefore help bring balance to back between you.

An Aquarius man will usually feel very hurt if he has been ignored. He likes to be the center of attention in a relationship, so ignoring an Aquarius can be a dangerous game to play if you are dating him.

Ignoring an Aquarius man will most usually hurt his feelings and they do not like to be ignored by their partner. They prefer a partner who will talk to them directly about any problems between the two of them. If everything isn’t great between you, open up the lines of communication with him.

If an Aquarius man ignores you, it could be that he has been upset by something that has happened between the two of you recently. He will want things to be right between you, but he isn’t always good at bringing up the subject that hurt him in the first place.

If you are thinking about whether ignoring an Aquarius man will give him a wake-up call or make things right in your relationship again, then you may find talking to him first is better. Even though this can be awkward, it is the quickest method to find out the problem between you.

If an Aquarius man likes a woman enough, he can become jealous and possessive – particularly if she is not open and honest with him. If you are with an Aquarius man, the best thing you can do is to talk to him about any problems you may have so that they do not become massive issues for you both.

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