What Happens When You Ignore A Gemini Woman

Is it good to ignore a Gemini? | Gemini dating and friendship

When a Gemini Woman Ignores You (with 4 Common Reasons)

This lady is passionate, caring and willing to do anything to please her partner. In return, she expects you to pay attention to her emotions. She is obvious yet subtle at the same time – you can tell that she is annoyed with you by her facial expressions and attitudes, but she refuses to say it out.

Give her time to be alone to reload everything; no need to worry because she will open up about what is on her mind when she’s ready. In case you hurt her, then she will let you explain yourself. During the conversation, please be attentive to what she said as it’s a rare opportunity to get the Gemini female to forgive you.

When a Gemini woman ignores you, maybe it’s because she has no interest in you in general. Though she is social on the outside, she is not the type that would open up her personal matters to everyone. When it comes to giving trust to someone, this gal is selective.

Don’t force her to talk because that issue may hurt her the moment she talks about it; otherwise, she will ignore you immediately. For this to be resolved, you need to be more calm and collected. Whether it’s a friendship or a relationship, she doesn’t want anyone to curious or focus much on her personal problems.

Known as the Twins, Gemini is the friendliest sign among all in the zodiac. With the element of air, this is the third sign. Women having Gemini sign in the birth chart are sociable, adventurous, creative, outgoing, and eager for new experiences. She wants to live her life to the fullest and is never into routines.

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