What Happens When Scorpio and Pisces Break Up?


What Happens When Scorpio and Pisces Break Up?

If one partner chooses the path of betrayal and abandonment, the other will be left holding a much greater bag of grief, rage and toxic shame. When a water sign is deserted without process or explanation, wounding is exacerbated because deep down, all water signs are insecure about their worthiness. Water sign people must come to completion with their emotions before they can feel free and clear to have their own lives. If the cheater denies feelings of empathy and shame, choosing instead to escape into feelings of freedom and upliftment, then the burden of emotional energy is transferred to the victim who is weighted with the emotions of both. However, water signs cannot deny their emotions; they can only ignore them for a time. Eventually they will feel everything, even if it means experiencing a similar betrayal from the victim side in a future relationship.

These exes will always be linked through their shared experiences and memories, and through the deep bonding that happens with sexual intimacy in a water element. A part of each is permanently merged with the other. If they can process and heal through the emotional pain and trauma, it is quite possible they may remain friends who grow closer and build trust over time, but it does take a high level of emotional maturity on both parts to accomplish this. Related & Popular

Pisces best resources are in water. In addition to shedding tears, they should spend time by the sea or a lakeside, listening to nothing but the sounds of the waves on the beach. A long, scented, hot bath is a wonderful place to cry. Flowing water is also excellent for healing the Piscean soul. They have excellent inner resources, and time is a powerful healer.

Water element people can be tempted to project villainous qualities upon the one left behind. They may seek to harden their hearts, hoping it will make the break less painful. But if such a naturally tender heart is hardened, the sense of self is harmed most of all. Water signs are sensitive and that is their power; above all, they need to allow themselves to feel what they feel without cushioning or distancing. Tears must flow, and it helps immeasurably to cry them willingly. The key to finding healing through tears is to understand that they are a release, not a curse.

The water element signifies emotions, deep currents of feeling, grief, longing, desire, nostalgic memories, and emotional attachments of all kinds. When Scorpio and Pisces split up, both will suffer. The process of releasing deep emotional connections is terribly painful, even when it is consensual on both sides. When one partner is dumped, the pain can be agonizing for both, even the dumper who will experience a partners pain and personal guilt. People in this situation should seek emotional support.

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