What happens if you super-like someone on Tinder after they are not interested in you?

Tinder Super Like – You’re Doing It Wrong!

1.     If you are found to be not attractive at all

One thing is sure, if a girl or guy doesn’t find you attractive at all, then the Super Like is totally useless, they definitely won’t change their mind just because they received a Super Like from you.

If your potential match would find you very attractive, and he or she would swipe right you anyway, then once again, Super Like didn’t really give you any kind of advantage. However, the fact that you Super Liked your match, her profile will keep displaying with a blue arrow indicating thee Super Like. So from the conversation, I think a great way to start a conversation with something funny related to Super Likes.

The interesting thing happens when it is a close call from a swiping point of view, it is around 50% of chance that in a normal scenario you would be swiped left or right. But we think even in this case the use of Super Like is not unambiguous? to be beneficial or not. It will depend on your potential match’s perspective of a Super Like.

If she finds it needy, then probably that imaginary 50% went down and your chances of matching have decreased. If she finds it cute or as a sign of self-confidence, she thinks you can get a chance just because that you managed to get a swipe that you wouldn’t have got without Super Like

Based on the above points, the only fair thing to say is that you have to test it for yourself. It may work specifically for you or may not, you have to try it out. Even if you are not a premium Tinder Gold or Plus subscriber you have 1 Super Like in a day that can be enough for testing purposes.

The only way to find out is to test it by applying a few basic statistics and a scientific method.

Use Super Likes every day for at least 30 days and check back how many matches you got from Super Likes. Then you can compare this to regular swipe matches. If you are an active member and not a premium subscriber, your maximum number of daily swipes are limited, so you can calculate around 100 swipes a day and 3000 swipes a month.

All you have to do is a simple division to find out which way did you manage to get a higher match ratio. You can do this test longer if you want a reach a higher significance with your test and be more confident about the effects of Super Likes on your match ratio.

If you are a Tinder Plus or Gold member, you can use 5 Super Likes per day without purchasing any extras. This gives you way more swipes in a shorter period, so you can do the testing described above a lot faster and find out whether Tinder Super Like is worth using.

However just to make it clear, even if Super Like works, it helps you a tiny bit in getting you more matches. If you want to increase your chances of matching in a significant way, you have to focus on the fundamentals of Tinder: first of all on profile pictures, and then on your bio.

You can Super Like every profile you get a chance to swipe up, but if you don’t have nice photos and your bio is total trash then Super Like won’t even move the needle.

If you took high-quality pictures of yourself, have a short funny bio, then it is time to start to use Super Likes and see its effects on your match number.

How to use SuperLikes the right way to get more matches?

As we said, Tinder Super Like might work for you and get you more matches. However, using it in a clever way will make it more probable that it will work for you. Let us show you how to use Tinder Super Like in a way that will get you more matches:

One of the biggest reasons, Tinder Super Like don’t work for a lot of people that they use it in the wrong way. They Super Like the hottest girls or most good looking and charming guys. This is totally wrong. These people get a ton of matches, basically, everybody swipes them right, so they have an abundance of possible matches. If you Super Like them, it doesn’t make any difference, because they get so much validation anyway.

What you can do instead is to “Super Like your type”. What we mean by that is there are types of girls or guys that you fund really attractive whereas the majority of the population would find it average or below average. This is different for everyone, you might find a tattoo, a type of face form very hot that most people say “meh”.

As everyone has different types, your type most likely is also unique and doesn’t get 10 Superlikes a day. So if she or he gets a Super Like, it will be unique, so she will more likely check your profile and want to even know why you superliked her.

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