What does vm deposit represent on my line usage?

VM deposit is part of the technical term by Verizon, which implies that the voicemail you sent has been delivered. Whenever you send a voicemail to a family member of friends within a monthly circle, and it gets delivered to the recipient, it will be documented on your billing statement as VM deposit.

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What does vm deposit represent on my line usage?

This is the only correct answer to the VM deposit threads on these forums. I am close to a class action lawsuit with Verizon as i have lawyers arguing the opposite because Verizon has been inconsistent with knowing the correct response. Feel free to call me directly as I have a relative possibly facing jail time due to Verizon not knowing the answer. I can only hope copies of my phone bill will help.

Bb49, we are truly sorry for any confusion. When you place a call to someone as soon as that call connects, even to the voicemail, that parties phone will reflect the incoming call. Should your call route to voicemail and you leave a message, you will see VM Deposit as you deposited a voicemail to someones line. Does this help to clarify?

I tested this. I left a voice mail on my husbands number (we are both on the same Verison bill) and it shows as incoming, CL on his number and VM Deposit, CL on my number on the billing statement. So, I would think this means that VM Deposit, CL is not a voice mail that someone left for me but rather a voice mail I left with someone. Verizon has repeatedly told me the opposite but I have found this not to be true.

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