What does the term GSM unlocked mean?

Unlocked GSM phone means that it wouldn’t be locked into a specific carrier network. On the upside, it means freedom to choose your own GSM carrier that suits your needs (and wallet) best. On the down side, several carrier-specific features may not be available.

What does GSM unlocked mean in Canada?

What is a GSM unlocked cell phone or smart phone?

The ‘unlocked’ concept can be applied to GSM capable phones. The Global System for Mobile (GSM) is a global mobile standard that links your phone number and cell phone service to a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card and not to the phone itself. A GSM unlocked cell phone or smartphone is a phone that will work with any cell phone provider as long as the cell phone company supports GSM technology. This means that you can switch different SIM cards in your phone and your phone will work with any GSM carrier service.

Factory GSM unlocked phone

A factory GSM unlocked phone is a phone that has left the manufacturer without a GSM carrier service contract. In other words a factory GSM unlocked phone means is usable for all GSM networks. The phone will never be locked to a mobile network and can be used with any GSM provider like AT&T and T-Mobile.

A factory GSM unlocked phone is better than a phone that has been unlocked from a specific carrier because if you ever need to reset your phone, you don’t need the SIM card from the original carrier to complete the setup process. This is important if you plan on traveling because if your phone needs to be reset and you don’t have the original SIM to reset the phone, then your phone will not work.

GSM unlocked iPhone

gsm unlocked meaning

There are two different models that an iPhone uses and these are GSM and CDMA. A GSM unlocked iPhone means that the phone will only be able to support mobile providers that use GSM technology. Examples of mobile providers in the United States that use GSM technology are Cricket, AT&T, and T-Mobile. It is important to note that a GSM unlocked iPhone would not support CDMA carriers like Sprint and Verizon because they do not run on GSM technology. A GSM unlocked iPhone is not under any type of contract i.e. an AT&T carrier contract. This means that your iPhone can work as a global GSM unlocked phone and can use any global network that uses GSM technology.

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