What does the check mark next to a person’s name mean on Bumble?

Within the chat, select the blue link labeled “ask for photo verification.” Bonus: asking for verification counts as a first move. The other person will receive your request. Note that in order to request that a match be photo verified you must first verify your own profile.

What does Blue Tick mean on tinder?

Does the blue tick on Bumble mean that the profile is famous/a celebrity?

No, every user who is not using a fake profile or using some kind of bot account can get the blue checkmark on Bumble.

Most likely the selfie you were asked to take, weren’t taken well so the review person at Bumble couldn’t verify your profile. If you weren’t reported as a fake profile, you don’t have to worry, just restart the process and pay attention to taking the right selfies.

‘I was today years old when I found out what the blue tick means on Bumble.’

I had assumed the “blue tick” meant you were some sort of gold level Bumble member, indicating that you’d either paid for a subscription to the app, or had hit some sort of record for the amount of dates you’d been on and gained a tick as a reward from the company.

What Does The Heart And Check Mark Mean On Bumble?

The Checkmark on Bumble indicates that a user has been verified. Bumble is the first app in the US to use real-time photo verification. This sounds fancy, but basically, it just means they ask you to take a quick selfie to show you are who your pictures say you are. The process is pretty much instant, and it might put other users’ minds at ease so why not do it?

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