What Does it Mean When An Aquarius Man Ignores You?

Why Aquarius man ignores you? Aquarius people are known to be angry and full of sarcasm. When he is annoyed with someone, he will show his anger to confirm that he is right. But if you have made him indignant and crazy, he will choose to be silent, ignore you, and stay away from you for as long as he can.

Why An Aquarius Man Or An Aquarius Woman Ignores You Or Cuts You Off [www.lamarrtownsendtarot.com]

Aquarius compatibility:

Aquarius is most compatible with Leo and Sagittarius. Due to their rebellious and creatively-unique natures, these signs make for unique couples and romances. They love adventures together, the endless late-night drives, those countless road trips, an Aquarius man will show you a different side of life. Sure, he’s not going to be easy to get. But once you’re in a relationship with an Aquarius man, you’re in for an exciting and emotional time.

Have you ever been with an Aquarius man, whether romantically or otherwise? Talk to me in the comments below, and share your experiences with me. Thank you for reading. I appreciate it!

How To React When An Aquarius Man Ignores You

Here are 17 suggestions that can work well with an Aquarius man who has started to ignore you when you are dating him or even if you are in a long term relationship. Try using one or two at first and if you don’t see any results, move on to another. Using all of them at once will be too hard on you as well as very confusing for the Aquarius guy in your life.

Perhaps the quickest and direct way of getting to the bottom of why an Aquarius man in your life seems to be ignoring you is by asking him outright. This can take the most guts and confidence as it may well mean that you are in for an awkward conversation. However, take comfort in the fact that in the long run, you will get to the bottom of anything you need to rectify far more quickly than if you let this behavior continue for any length of time.

If you really like an Aquarius man who is ignoring you and you want to get back in his good books, something you can try is playing hard to get. This can be hard if he is not paying you any attention, however, a good idea can be to ensure that you do not make yourself too available each and every time he tries to make contact with you.

Just because he doesn’t want to talk to you at the moment, doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you or have feelings for you. If you are in the type of relationship where you can date other people, perhaps because you haven’t made things exclusive yet, it can be a great idea to date other guys to make him jealous. Jealousy can be something that makes him want you back in his life immediately.

While there may be an important reason why an Aquarius man is ignoring you, it is important to realize that acting like this is emotionally immature if it is done frequently. Therefore, remember to focus on yourself during the times that an Aquarius man has chosen to give you the cold shoulder. Concentrate on your wants and needs to ensure that you are as happy as can be.

Another way to use this newfound spare time well is to start up new hobbies that can also make you happy. While hobbies cannot replace a boyfriend or a relationship, they can offer you something to focus your mind on while you are going through a difficult patch with your Aquarius man.

what does it mean when an aquarius man ignores you

A good way to focus on yourself and make sure you are happy is to spend time with your friends. You know already that they like you which can help keep your confidence up while your Aquarius man is ignoring you.

Of course, there could well be a reason why your Aquarius man is giving you the cold shoulder. In addition to asking him directly what is wrong, it can be really helpful to try to understand what he is going through too. In doing so, he may well approach you in a better way than ignoring you the next occasion he gets hurt in the course of your relationship.

A proactive way to keep yourself busy while your Aquarius man is not giving you any attention is to concentrate on your career. Often, it is hard to keep our romantic life and our professional career balanced, so use the quiet days in your romantic life as an opportunity to focus on your job.

Sometimes people start ignoring their loved ones as a misplaced way of asking for help. Bearing this in mind, it can be a good idea to ask your Aquarius man if there is any way that you do something or help him with something that he may need from you in the future.

It can be a great idea simply to be patient if you have an Aquarius man that you like who is ignoring you. The reason being is that this can be quite common behavior for this star sign. If you are serious about this being a long term thing, sometimes it can be best just to ride out these phases.

Aquarius men love attention so a good way to cope with when they are ignoring you is to try to provide them with everything they may need or want in response. They will find this comforting at times so will like you to bestow them with as much attention as you can.

It can be a tough route to take, but sometimes when you like an Aquarius man who ignores you on occasion, it can be a good idea to suggest a breakup. This is because it can make them realize their behavior is not on, but also it can permit you some control to balance out the relationship again.

If you are not in an exclusive relationship with an Aquarius man, you can use the times that he ignores you as an opportunity to start dating other people. He may be, ultimately, the one that you want, but dating other people will show him not to take you for granted.

If you become angry with his behavior, the Aquarius man will often be the type of guy to become super defensive. This can make the issue far worse than it needs to be. If you want to discuss the issue, do so as calmly as you can to diffuse the situation.

An Aquarius man is usually a very kind person but doesn’t always get it right. He probably doesnt realize the impact that his actions have on you. Point out to him that you are getting hurt by his ignoring you and see what he says.

If an Aquarius man is ignoring you, it can be a good idea to go back to basics in your relationship. Think back to when you were first dating. What was it that you did to keep things fun between you? Try to reignite that spark by keeping things simple and just enjoying getting to know each other.

what does it mean when an aquarius man ignores you

If it’s really bad between you and your Aquarius man, it can be a good idea to go on vacation as getting away can allow you to gain some much-needed perspective back. Try thinking about what you really want from your partnership and whether a guy who can consistently ignore you will be able to make you happy long term.

It’s important to realize that when an Aquarius man ignores you, you can react in any way. Your feelings are just as valid as his and you need to provide them with an outlet. Therefore, choosing any one of the above courses of action is fine as long as you get what you want from the relationship too.

Ignoring an Aquarius man is a tricky thing to do as his subsequent reaction can be quite different, depending on what Aquarian character traits are strongest within him. He may start chasing after you but he may also withdraw into himself even further.

Some Aquarian men hate to be ignored. Depending on which of their Aquarian character traits are strongest will have a massive bearing on whether they will tolerate being ignored. If they are very tolerant they won’t mind it, but if they are temperamental or stubborn, they could get quite upset.

Depending on what characteristics and qualities are strongest within them will have a big bearing on how they deal with someone ignoring them. The silent treatment may make them ask you directly what is wrong, but it may also make them detach from you and become more independent of the relationship.

An Aquarius man can be tricky to tell if he is no longer interested in you. This is because, just because he may be ignoring you, he may not be thinking about ending your relationship. He may just be doing it to have some needed timeout. The best way to tell is to ask him directly.

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