What Does It Mean When A Virgo Man Ignores You? (13 Possible Reasons)

Why The Virgo Man Is Not Texting or Calling You Back

11 Things To Do When A Virgo Man Ignores You

If your Virgo man is giving you the silent treatment, the first thing to do is to ask him about it nicely. Before you go all out thinking, he is ignoring me, do some due diligence. Its essential to be sure hes ignoring you and not having a bad day. Asking him about it doesnt mean he would talk to you. Just show that youve noticed a difference in his communication with you and that you care about him.

Sometimes, Virgo men ignore their potential partners as a test. Hes trying to analyze things about you. It’s probably one of those Virgo man secrets the rest of us are not in on. Try to talk to him, and if he keeps putting you off, giving standoffish responses, he wants to be alone. It may not necessarily mean you’re going to break up.

Its difficult not to assume in situations like this. Believe me, if he were to be in your shoes, he will think you dont care about him anymore, but dont do that just yet. Dont have an outburst about the situation, and resist the urge to write him an epistle about how you feel. This could spell doom for your relationship. As I said earlier, it could just be a test and nothing more. Dont pay too much attention to the problem.

Virgo men occasionally want to have time alone with themselves; he will find it irritating if you still hang around him, asking what the problem is. Giving him space might even solidify your relationship. Remember, they dont like being ignored by someone they care about. Give him space to talk to you about whats going on by himself.

Something may have come up at work, a change in schedule, making him unable to keep up with you. Maybe he just feels off, or peeved after an argument? Simply give him time, it will do your relationships some good.

virgo man ignoring me

You can try to break the ice by helping him out with work or being available when he needs you. Offer to bring him lunch during his lunch break or if hes working on a project, ask if he needs your help. This would show you still care about him whether or not things are a bit rocky. Generally, make yourself available and respect his space.

No one wants their life crowded, no matter how much they like you. Did he say he doesnt want help? Then dont help, but at least you offered. You’ll notice a facelift in the relationship after this.

Whichever one of these tips you chose to apply, dont overdo it. Keep everything on an average level as though you have no problems with him. It will make life a lot better for both of you. Overdoing things can push your Virgo man further away than you want.

Just because a Virgo man is ignoring you doesnt mean hes stopped caring about you. If hes still checking out your Instagram and other platforms, he still likes you. Uploading those tweets and statuses is an excellent way to get his attention.

If he realizes that youre doing great without him, he may want to rekindle the relationship. However, dont try to manipulate him with your social media; he will see right through that act. Just be your usual self, and dont disappear.

Forcing a conversation with a Virgo man is worse when hes ignoring you. Doing this might put a strain on your relationship. When you get the first three times, and it still feels like you are stressing him, let him be.

virgo man ignoring me

Get yourself involved in other things, throw yourself into work, and hang out more with your friends. Generally, give yourself time off from the relationship as well. When youre concentrating on something else, you wont have the time to start a fight about anything.

Virgo men dont like drama at all and they avoid problematic women. You have to be an independent woman to handle a relationship with such a man. He likes women who can take care of themselves and have their own lives.

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