What does it mean when a girl wrote ‘Looking for someone to vibe with. That’s it’ on her Tinder profile?

vibe. Vibes will be displayed on member profiles for 72 hours. When members who are participating in the current Vibes match, they’ll see each other’s Vibes within the chat window and can start the conversation with more context. Vibes move quickly – and are at their best when everyone is vibing together.

What is Tinder Vibes? Full Walkthrough & Breakdown (2021)

Tinder Vibes Meaning

Back when the feature first launched, Tinder explained a vibe is “that feeling about someone that hits instantly” when they reveal the two of you have something specific in common.

According to Tinder’s VP of Product Udi Milo, the feature gives users a more dynamic way to express an aspect of their personality in a profile.

And because of how it works, it also makes figuring out what to say in your first Tinder message a lot easier. More on that coming up!

How The Vibes Feature Works

what does vibe mean on tinder

The feature is free for everyone – no subscription to Tinder Plus, Gold or Platinum is required to participate. Vibes is a periodic event, much like Tinder’s Swipe Surge.

You’ll get a push notification or pop-up card inviting you to join when an event is active in your area.

Each Vibe event has a theme, and all the users who opt in answering the same question. The questions cover a wide range of topics like pop culture, cooking, dating, and more.

For instance, the “Date Night” Vibe lets you share your answers to questions about your perfect date with potential matches.

what does vibe mean on tinder

Next you’ll be presented with a handful of Vibe questions that each have four answers. Select the answer you’d like to share with potential matches by tapping on it.

what does vibe mean on tinder

When you’re swiping through profiles during the Vibes event, you’ll see a colorful border around them to indicate the Vibe is live.

what does vibe mean on tinder

Tinder Vibes events last for 48 hours, and you can join in at any point during that window. Answers are displayed on participating users’ profiles for 72 hours. You’ll see a countdown clock in the upper right hand corner that shows you how much time is left to vibe with people.

If you both swipe right, you can check out all their answers to the Tinder Vibes questions by scrolling through them on the “It’s A Match!” screen.

what does vibe mean on tinder

You can also see their Vibes answers by tapping on their profile icon in your match feed.

How To Turn Tinder Vibes On & Off

To participate in Tinder Vibes, you need to enable the Vibes option:

  • Tap your profile icon to bring up the profile editing screen
  • Then tap “Settings” and scroll down to “Manage Vibes”
  • Tap on “Settings” to bring up the Vibes menu and toggle the feature on
  • You can turn Tinder Vibes off at any time simply by sliding the toggle to the left in the Vibes setting.

    what does vibe mean on tinder

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