What does it feel like to be blocked off everything from an ex?

When Your Ex Blocks You On Everything | The Hard Truth You Need

Block Your Ex On Anything & Everything — It’s The Only Way To Let Go

So, your relationship is over. Your heart is broken, and you’ve added another ex to your roster of past loves. It’s important to embrace the sadness that follows after a breakup. However, this also needs to be a time of strength and willpower. Whether you still love him or you can’t stand the sight of him, you need to block your ex on anything and everything because if you don’t, you’ll never move on.

You know that you need to put this relationship as far behind you as possible as quickly as possible. You’ve already done the hard work when you decided to block your ex, but here are some other steps you can take to make the memory of him fade that little bit faster.

My Ex Blocked Me On Everything – What Should I Do?

Has your ex blocked you on social media? Blocked your number? Feel like screaming, “My ex blocked me on everything!”? Unsure what to do? We get write-ins about this a lot. And it hurts, you feel helpless. You want to find a way around it. But what should you do if you ex blocks you on everything? Well, let’s break it all down. Here’s how to deal with your ex blocking you.

You want to give it another try, but the ex needs to show they want it

Overall, you believe the relationship had potential and your ex was generally a good person that you might still be compatible with.

The biggest stumbling block however is that your ex either didn’t want to commit, kept doing something that rubbed you the wrong way, simply took you for granted or a combination of all these plus other reasons.

As thing stand right now, you are ok if the breakup remains permanent. However, you would be willing to give the ex and the relationship another try if they approached you and at least promised to work on the things that broke you apart the last time.

Being in this situation doesn’t mean you’re playing games and trying to manipulate the ex. The problems that separated you and the ex are genuine relationship deal breakers for you that make it impossible for the two of you to be a couple. But if you remove those issues, a happy relationship might just be within reach.

In the end, even the happiest, most fulfilling relationships, hit dangerous rough patches that need to be sorted out first. Perhaps this is the rough patch that you and the ex are facing.

Relationships are funny business and the people involved can often enter a war of egos to see who has the upper hand in the whole thing. As they say, “whoever cares the least has the more power”.

This can often lead to situations where the two people involved use breakups as a weapon to punish the other person into making concessions and win the ego war. Sometimes, outright blocking the other person (and watching them crawl back) is the next step in this conflict of pride.

Unfortunately, everybody can enter this sort of relationship dynamic. Even two perfectly normal and good people can become like this. There’s just something in their personalities that drives each other up the wall.

If you believe this might be you, consider taking a step back and see if this dynamic applies to you and the ex.

If it does, don’t block the ex. Try breaking the cycle of miscommunication and pride and straight talk with them. Perhaps it will work. If this is the case you may enter a long cycle of rebuilding trust, establishing healthy boundaries and finding communication patterns that work for you.

In the end, there are other, better ways to rebuild a broken relationship instead of outright blocking the ex.

Just as likely however is that the relationship is too far gone and impossible to rebuild. But at least you tried fixing it one more time.

Sometimes you meet the right person at the wrong time. In this case, the breakup was a necessary move to leave the emotional turmoil, clear your head and figure out what went wrong.

You don’t know if you want to get back with him / her. But you do know 100% that you need time alone to process the wounds of the relationship breakup.

Who knows? Maybe you are the reason the relationship broke up in the first place. Or maybe it’s mostly the ex’s fault. Or perhaps both of you are equally responsible.

Other times, you may have real chemistry but simply be incompatible in terms of values of personalities. That’s why so many dating apps such as eHarmony use personality tests to match people.

This time alone allows you to learn from your experiences in peace and quiet and become a better romantic partner. If your ex has been doing the same thing, then you can give it another chance and consider this breakup a reset.

Not blocking your ex in this case leaves the door open, and tells your ex that you’re not bitter enough to cut all communication, and that maybe, just maybe, things can be worked out.

It was a clean breakup, and you would like to remain friends

Some breakups happen because two people don’t work well as acouple, but are compatible as friends, maybe even good ones. It would be ashame to block an ex’s phone number or social media if a promising friendshipcould appear.

Sometimes, both people figure this out simultaneously. Othertimes, one person was more involved emotionally than the other and needs moretime to adjust to being just friends.

If you think this might be you, and think your connection toyour ex is heading towards friendship, you first need to ask yourself a fewquestions:

Deep down, do you think a romantic relationship with yourex would ever work out? If the answer is yes, you aren’t ready for a friendshipwith them. The potential for a new relationship with the ex will always be atthe back of your mind and you’ll treat them as a crush more than a friend.

Can your ex treat you as just a friend, and nothing more?You need to be as certain about this as possible, otherwise you’ll risk beingambushed by an “I never stopped loving you” phrase and figuring that one outwon’t be fun.

Do you actually like this person as a friend?

If you are absolutely, 100% sure the answers to allquestions are no-yes-yes then don’t block your ex and enjoy your new foundfriendship.

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