What Does A Star Mean In Apple Music? Why You See A Star Icon Next To Certain Songs?

According to Apple, a star next to a track on an album means that the song is a popularly played one – one of the most popular on the album. There are no details on how many plays the song must have to earn a star though. You can, however, go into Apple Music for Artists to discover the app’s most played tracks.

Apple: What does a star next to a song in the Music app in iOS indicate? (3 Solutions!!)

What Does A Star Mean In Apple Music? Why You See A Star Icon Next To Certain Songs?

While the feature no longer exists, the new star icon helps users identify all the popular songs from the library. However, the company hasnt provided any details on how many plays it actually takes for a track to earn the star symbol. The app also offers a dedicated section for users where they can discover the most-played tracks on the app. The service has been called Apple Music for Artists and it gives users a detailed insight on the tracks including the total number of times they were played, along with other details such as purchases and average daily listeners.

Apple Music is one of the widely popular music streaming services out there and it has seen tremendous growth in recent years. The platform not only boasts an impressive 60 million songs library but it also offers various customization features which makes it a hot choice among avid listeners. It serves as the default music app for iOS-based devices and is also available on Android handsets, which is another reason behind its massive success. Apple Music offers an array of exciting features; however, if you use the app a little too often, you may have noticed that it displays a tiny star-shaped icon when you play certain content from the library. But what does a star in Apple Music really mean? And why does it only appear next to certain tracks? Lets find out.

Ideally, a star icon is generally assigned to songs based on their performance. This essentially has to do with how popular the track is and if it is the most track from an album. Earlier, the company used to have star ratings for the tracks, where users also had the ability to rate their favourite songs. However, the star ratings feature has been removed by Apple.

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