We Used it for months to find out!

You’ve probably read several WellHello.com reviews already but don’t know what to make of the site. The vast majority of the reviews out there are written by people who haven’t spent more than twenty minutes using it and definitely haven’t spent any money on the premium version. That’s where this review is different. I’ve spent several weeks using every feature on WellHello to get the real experience.

I first heard about this site several years ago when it started becoming more popular, around 2017. It was a new site branding itself as “a fun and friendly site for fun dating and meeting singles and swingers” and “an online adult community that’s designed for you to meet and hang out with like-minded singles and couples”. It sounds great in theory but now that it’s several years from the initial launch we wanted to review them again to see how things have progressed and if it’s worth recommending as one of the best dating and hookup sites out there.

The Beyond Ages team and I have reviewed over 100 different dating and hookup sites over the past year or so. We put a ton of time into finding the best options and have had a lot of success meeting women on the best options out there. You won’t find anyone else who has more experience on so many different apps and sites.

Well Hello Review [Flirt, Meet, Date]

We Used it for months to find out!

How much Wellhello.com costsHow much Wellhello.com costsOne of the first things I noticed after signing up for an account with WellHello was the overwhelming amount of explicit content. When the homepage loaded, a large, very sketchy banner advertisement sat at the top of the screen. A whole section called “Videos” appeared below the first featured profiles, showcasing, well, pretty graphic videos.

using this information we can estimate that the site is getting somewhere between 25,000 and 50,000 people a month searching for it. That might sound like a lot but major sites like AFF or Tinder are getting several MILLION searches. When a site is this small it is really hard to work for anyone using it since there are so few people to connect with.

Finding accurate user information for WellHello is difficult since they don’t release it publicly. If you see any claims on other reviews that they have recent numbers be VERY skeptical. What we can look at is recent trends in how many people are searching for the site. This is a pretty good indicator of how popular the site is over time.

It’s funny how people ask the same question three times just using different words! Based on our review we wouldn’t say that WellHello is a scam. It’s a perfectly real app that has the potential to be useful but falls short. If they had a lot more users it could be pretty solid because the actual WellHello app is pretty decent. It just needs more people using it.

As I figured would happen, when I tried to respond to the messages, the WellHello site informed me I needed to upgrade to a paid account. This is a common tactic among sketchy sites. They send you a bunch of fake messages from fake profiles with attractive women to encourage you to sign up for a paid account. Once you do, you never hear back. A huge red flag.

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