Unlocked Note 20 Ultra no 5G option

Note 10+ Unlocked vs Note 10+ Carrier Version DIFFERENCES?

Unlocked Note 20 Ultra no 5G option

I ordered the unlocked Galaxy Note 20 Ultra directly from Samsung. Before this phone, I had Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. On the old phone, in the network settings, I had an option with 5G/LTE/HSPA/GSM and I was able to connect to 5G network (where available). On the new phone, I do not have an option with 5G at all. Do I need to get a new SIM card or activate a new phone so that I can get this option?

I had a tmobile SIM in my phone and 5G was an option, on verizon it is not so thats the only workaround. To go back after the update for verizon comes out, you type in the same code and select VZW and install then the first option sales and service code and itll out verizon back on there. All this does ks utilize the connection settings but still uses verizon as your carrier. I found this out on another forum and it works.

According to Samsung yes there is… There is a workaround though. Go to your phone dialer.. type in *#272* then your devices IMEI # then # at the end. The service menu pops up… Lock this menu to your app switcher windows… Select ATT and hit install.. then pick the first option out of the two.. your phone will reboot and itll work on 5G

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