Two Handing Weapon Strength Requirements : darksouls3

Two-handing is one of the easiest mechanics to understand yet can dramatically change how a build functions. Two-handing a weapon modifies its moveset and grants players a strength bonus, making strength-focused weapons a perfect fit for two-handed builds. That said, there are all sorts of two-handed builds players can make based on their preference. Here is a complete guide on how to create a great two-handed character in Dark Souls 3.

Before players decide to create a character around two-handing a weapon, they would first understand how two-handing works. While a weapon is two-handed, the players strength stat will be multiplied by 1.5x, the weapon will use a new moveset, and it will be able to use its weapon art. This strength multiplier also influences a weapons strength requirements, meaning players can use certain heavy weapons much earlier than intended if they two-hand them.

Strength’s attack damage per point has a soft cap at 40, a hard cap at 99. While two-handing, your strength is multiplied by 1.5, allowing you to reach the soft cap at 27, the hard cap at 66. Due to Diminishing returns, it is common for some strength builds to stop at 60 Str.

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Two Handing Weapon Strength Requirements : darksouls3

If you want to wield a weapon/shield but its Strength requirements are too high to one hand it, you can two hand it by dividing that number by 1.5 and rounding up. I found this out doing a greatshield build and wanting to use the Black Iron Greatshield but put my points elsewhere too.

Dark Souls 3: A Guide To Building The Ultimate Two-Handed Weapon Character

Since quality builds wont have as much upfront damage while leveling, considering infusing a weapon with Raw or Refined to make the weapon better suited for PvE or PvP. Also note that the PvP Soul Level meta is 120, so try to stick around that level range if PvP is the main focus of the build.

As for weapons that scale well into the endgame, Vordts Great Hammer is shockingly powerful and can be obtained right after learning how to transpose boss souls. Dexterity builds should consider obtaining the Astora Greatsword since it scales with dexterity more than strength. Any curved greatsword is good for two-handed builds, but those looking for the very best should consider using the Exile Greatsword. For general play, the Zweihander is a great jack-of-all-trades weapon.

Endurance is a key stat to obtain for any melee-oriented build. Regardless of build type, every two-handed build should increase their Endurance to increase their stamina total. The stat players should reach highly varies on what feels comfortable. Just be sure to have enough stamina to get a few attacks off in quick succession and still have enough stamina left to dodge. Most players obtain around 30 to 40 Endurance, as the stat has a soft cap at 40.

When the build type has been determined, the next step is to begin investing in the builds stats. Strength-only builds should raise their dexterity to the weapons dexterity requirements, then improve their strength up to 50 or 60. Dexterity-only builds do the same thing but with inverted stats. Finally, quality builds want to level both stats simultaneously after they can use the weapon.

Rings can be a game-changer for certain builds. While two-handed builds dont have any exceptional rings, there are a few goods choices players can make. The Chloranthy Ring is solid for those that want more stamina regen, the Ring of Favor grants a myriad of useful bonuses, and the Wolf Ring is a solid option for two-handed builds that use katanas or similar weapon archetypes that lack hyperarmor.

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