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I got on OurTime hoping to find someone to have coffee with. Signed up in Nov. 2021, and things were working fine, although I never found anyone even close to what I was looking for. Then in Dec. 2021, their IT team did an update, and now I cant access my account. I have called customer service THREE TIMES, asking them to unlock my account. All they say is they will put in a ticket to report the problem. I am paid through April 2022, but have a feeling I have lost my money. This site is the biggest ripoff of any I have ever been on. So since I cant access my account, its a pretty fair bet they will change my subscription status so they can charge me for another six months come April. Time to call my credit card company and block them from charging me anymore. Absolutely worthless!

OurTime is good — for those who get matches. Some reviewers complain about possible scammers, but that happens with almost every dating site. OurTime dating services are ideal if you’re looking for a no-nonsense approach to mature online dating. The app lets users join for free, but many of the most desirable features are only available with paid subscriptions, which can get pricey. To learn more, read OurTime dating site reviews below.

A unpaid membership is worthless, you cant send a message or respond to one. As a premium member you still dont have access to 2 perks, you have to pay more. Their discovery section is supposedly to see matches to your profile, what they do is show every member they have regardless of your filters. Their rules are very loose giving them the a ability to cancel any member for what they call Fraudulent activity. That happened to 2 people I was in contact with, dont bother questioning the reason they wont tell you. Their customer service is horrible, one woman advised me to drop my concern. I sent 2 questions through the help center, their answer was not what I asked, it was an answer to other subjects. The 1st thing I noticed was how few members they have, now I know why.

The OurTime site does present a good amount of people for you to review. As a member you can message other members. There is no way to go back and look at a person a second time if you clicked to bypass. There are NO searches for specific distances for discovering new people instead you are served tons of people so far away it is absurd. I cant tell the search to stop displaying Canada members. A real waste of time. Every few people a screen shows up wanting money for this or that. It displays people that liked me who magically disappear, they simply vanish. You can put in a mile limit for Search. There are many, many non members shown just like full members with nothing showing their status, another effort waster. The site is very crippled and limited. I paid for just 1 month. I am glad I did not pay for longer.

I would not recommend this site to anyone. It is so full of scammers/frauds and the company does not do a thing about it. Do not believe or trust any of the people on this site. There are more reputable dating sites than this. The profiles prey on senior citizens. I was an idiot. They have been reported to the BBB and I suggest you do the same. They need to be put out of business. It is a SCAM.

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