Top 12 Best (And Surprising) Places To Meet Men

Where To Meet the Best Men…From Matthew Hussey, GetTheGuy

Top 12 Best (And Surprising) Places To Meet Men

The convenience and pleasure of being able to access single men online are wonderful. It is nice to break away from the virtual meeting scene and get out for actual encounters occasionally. Why? Organic interaction can reveal much more about a person, and you have an opportunity to assess the chemistry you have with a person. Meeting Someone New Can Be Challenging

You can also find high-value men in random places, such as in line at the bank or in sports bars in the nicer parts of town, and even in clubs. You can probably also meet high-value men staying at nice hotels in vacation hot spots and near beaches. If you can get a high-value man to buy you a drink on the beach, youve nailed it.

One of the best ways to meet someone who may share similar morals and interests with you is through volunteering for a cause you are passionate about. If you want to support a cause or multiple causes, now would be a great time to start. It also lets you meet dozens of single men with whom you have at least one thing in common – you both like helping others.

Therefore, consider your past relationships that may have started with an online connection. Could you have saved yourself some time if you had met them in person instead of spending weeks getting to know them online, only to discover after meeting in person that youre wrong with each other? Of course, it may require a bit more planning or effort, but the first date doesnt have to be a systematic strategy.

If all else fails, online is not a bad place to meet high-value men who are marriage-minded, but of course, in-person meetings are always a more realistic option. Some apps are geared toward specifically those looking for relationships, and some high-value men may be too busy in their work lives to attend many events.

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