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How to STAND OUT on Bumble [Top 5 Profile Tips]

How to Get a Same-Night Hookup on Tinder (Full Tutorial)

Bumble is a very good dating app for singles. Find a suitable match for a one-night stand and spend precious time with that person. Use it to make friends, date and even for a one-night stand. … It is a location-based app that lets you find and meet interesting people and chat with them.

Step 1: Pick the right dating app for a one night stand

Although every dating app can lead to a hookup, not all dating apps are created equal.

The two that will most likely get you what you need are:

They both have a casual nature and are incredibly popular.

But finding the right app is only half the job.

While swiping from home is perfectly fine, it’ll definitely get you in touch with the type of women you’re after, dating on your home turf is not ideal.

Drive to a different city, another state, or fly halfway across the globe and you’ll be much more unique.

So if you want to make finding a one night stand easy, go someplace where there’s nobody like you.

Let me give you some inspiration:

Step 2: Building an irresistible profile that’s friendzone proof

Most dudes know how to build an okay-ish Tinder profile that can get some matches.

But hardly any dude knows how to build a profile that leads to one night stands.

Many new members of my TextGod Mentoring Program come to me with this exact problem:

They get matches. Even dates. But these girls always seem to want a relationship.

If your profile shows you being mature, responsible and caring, girls will want to date-date you. Not just swing by for some late night bedroom calisthenics.

To get girls who are open to one night stands, you need to show you’re adventurous and a bit rough around the edges.

Look too rough in your dating profile and you’ll seem untrustworthy. Perhaps even a bit scary.

For more tips on how to build a profile for one night stands, download my free dating profile checklist HERE.

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