Tinder matches disappeared: How to get lost Tinder matches BACK after you lose all matches

Why did tinder deleted all my matches?

How to Delete All Your Matches on Tinder!

Tinder Matches and Messages Disappear, Not Showing Up, Loading in App After Crash

A page on the Tinder help site says that sometimes when all of a users matches disappear it can be temporary. “As long as you havent accidentally deleted your account you should be fine!” says the page on the site. Tinder recommends users try logging out and then back into their accounts to get their matches back, they can do this by selecting “settings” and then “logout.”

Top 4 Reasons Why Your Tinder Match Disappeared in 2022

Tinder doesn’t have any rules like that so you don’t have to worry about this. A Tinder match will never disappear if none of the events happen which we described above. Even if the profiles never message each other ever. However, even if your match will not disappear, you should start the conversation as soon as you can to maximize your chances of getting a reply.

There has been always some misunderstanding between deleting Tinder, the app, and deleting your Tinder account. Deleting the mobile application from your phone doesn’t mean anything, you won’t lose any of your messages. It only means that you won’t be able to use the app until you do not reinstall it to your phone.

The first one you can’t really do anything with it, your match didn’t really look at your profile, just swiped right and when you matched with each other, he reconsidered and unmatched. You can’t really do anything with this, just to work on improving your Tinder profile. Starting the Tinder conversation with a great opener can also help. If you think you are a genuinely funny guy, your chance can improve even if you are not the most attractive guy in the neighborhood.

Last but not least, it is important to emphasize that you shouldn’t really care that much if a Tinder match disappeared. The great thing about Tinder that there can be tens of thousands of potential profiles just in your neighborhood. Spending time thinking about a profile you can’t see anymore is just a waste of your time. Get over it.

Unlike on Bumble where you have the option to rematch with someone, even right away if you have a Bumble Boost subscription, on Tinder if a match disappears not because of a temporary bug but because of the issues we explained above, you don’t have any chance of getting a match back.

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