Tinder is free, but you can pay for extra features — here’s what you can unlock from the dating app

Tinder Specs
Name Value
Desktop App Yes
Starting Price $19.99 per month
Mobile App Yes
Free Account Offered Yes

Tinder Free Vs Premium Tinder [Do you really need to upgrade?]

Why do I have to pay to see who likes me on Tinder?

Tinder is a business and needs to make money to keep the lights on and pay for things like customer service, servers, etc. Paying to see who likes you is one of the premium add-ons Tinder offers to help the company make money.

No, Tinder does not accept cryptocurrency. The only ways to pay for a membership are through iTunes, Google Play, or credit card. If those platforms allow you to link crypto to your account, then you can technically pay that way, but it is not currently available directly through the platform.

Tinder lets you pay for extra features

When you first start using Tinder, your profile is sent out randomly to other users in your area. Theres no guarantee that these users will see your profile — its just one in a sea of hundreds. And if you match with someone, theres nothing that lets you stand out from other matches.

You can change this by paying for Boosts and Super Likes. Boosts temporarily increase the chances of your profile appearing in other users feeds, while Super Likes signal to a match that youre very interested in them.

Tinder claims that both these features exponentially increase your chances of making connections — but of course, theres still some luck involved.

You can buy Super Likes and Boosts from your profile page, or from the feed. Super Likes cost $8 for a pack of five, $30 for a pack of 25, and $60 for a pack of 60. Boosts — which only last for 30 minutes each — cost $6.99 for one, $30 for a pack of five, and $50 for a pack of 10.

how much does tinder cost to join

Quick tip: If youre over 30 years old, Boosts might cost $7.99, $35, and $60, respectively, instead.

And if youre really looking to stand out and already have Tinder Gold, you can use a Super Boost, which will prioritize your profile for up to 12 hours straight. This costs $39.99 for three hours, $69.99 for six hours, and $129.99 for 12 hours.

how much does tinder cost to join

You can sign up for Tinder’s premium subscription tiers

If youre looking to spend a lot of time on Tinder, consider upgrading your account. Depending on how much money youre willing to spend, you can upgrade to Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, or Tinder Platinum.

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